Sunday, April 15, 2012

 Anna, look! We're painting!  It's soooo slow...and we're a little disheartened, but we are painting. 
 Maggie calls some of us "paint-challenged"...whatever that means.
 Don't you love her french-braided hair?!  Lizzie did it.
 Don't just stand there with that caulk!  Start caulking!
 Anna ~ Ruthie borrowed your painting dress.  Hope you don't mind:-)
 Maggie is documenting this historic event in our lives.  Don't  you love her gouchos?!  I made them for Anna for camp 10 years ago.  Since Maggie is older than Anna, I guess they're called "hand-me-ups."

Mike ~ If you are reading this, you may stop now and click on another window.  ~ Kathie
 Today we used up a lot of paint...but not painting.  I tipped over the paint bucket twice!  That is why we're painting before we install wood flooring. 
 Both times I tipped the bucket with the vacuum cleaner cord.  The second time wasn't entirely my fault...once it became clear I'm not smart about cords, Allen shouldn't have put the paint in my way!  Anyway, we got a good laugh out of it.
 I've been enjoying knitting again.  I knitted these 5 washcloths.  Unfortunately, I am not good at picking up my knitting for 15 minutes at a time.  I tend to make mistakes when I return.  Each one of these washcloths has a mistake in it.  Oh well. 
 Today we came home from church to find a large bee swarm.  As soon as Sarah and I got out of the car, she could hear the loud buzzing/humming.  Then we saw the swarm. 
So I turned right around and drove the 45 minutes back to church to get Allen.  He was able to successfully return the queen to the hive...and everyone else followed.  He enlarged the hive and now all the crowded bees are happy.

This same thing happened last year...only the bees landed high in a tree.  This year they stayed nice and close to the ground.  Thank you, bees!

Maggie, Allen, Lizzie, and Ruthie all stayed at church for the long afternoon for play practice.  Fortunately this is the last Sunday before next week's performance. 

We hear from Anna everyday.  She is starting to fit in...and she loves the children.  Today was her first Ugandan church service.  Kevin preached in English, so that was nice for her to hear. Afterwards they went out to dinner.  Anna ate...looking again at email...I'll cut and paste here:

We went to lunch at a Ugandan restaurant and I got beef with green cooking bananas (served like mashed potatoes), white sweet potatoes and peanut sauce. The peanut sauce tasted just like it did at Ghana cafe!

Well, I want to walk the dog since we will be getting hit with near-90 degree temps tomorrow.  Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Hi mom, this is Anna. The computer is working really slow tonight and it is really late. I just wanted to say hi. things are going really smoothly here. I am really enjoying myself! Love you all - anna