Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well, we survived Hurricane Irene. After we got our electric back, the computer was very slow for three nights. So slow that I couldn't even upload photos. I guess everyone was excited to get back online after the break.

I realize the newspapers have been full of photos of downed trees, but since this blog is my family diary, I'm going to post a few more. The above 3 pictures show part of our mile-long dirt road. We figure we lost about 30 trees all told. We were so fortunate that this tree fell next to the beehives!

We lost several tall trees. This tree left a big gap in the treeline. I am amazed how much sunlight shines through now.

We lost a bunch of shingles. I got a good laugh today when I was up in Charlotte Hall and saw a similiar shingle lying on the road up there. I tell everyone they probably saw our shingles blowing around all over the county.

All our orchard trees are leaning badly. So much work to be done outside now.

I enjoyed watching our neighbors work together. They don't normally get this warmed my heart.

This is our driveway...after we picked up the sticks and branches.

I was glad to see my special area safe from trees. I would've moved the furniture had I remembered.

Our third beehive also survived.

My neighbor, Lloyd, had his truck totaled when a tree fell in it. Lizzie and Ruthie are pouring tea and water for the workers.

We were able to see what was causing our electric to be out. Oops...I uploaded the wrong picture. I meant to show the transformer lying on the highway. Three poles had to be replaced.

The lad in this picture is my neighbor, Harry. His Momma and I were expecting our babies within 4 weeks of each other...but Ruthie was born on Harry's due date, and Harry was born on Ruthie's due date! Yes, Ruthie was born 4 weeks early. What a winter that was!
You can see our ridge vent here. The shingles that blew away were holding down the ridge vent. The rainwater seeped through the ceiling, and through the insulation, to my bedroom ceiling. My ceiling looks like it has brown mud puddles all over it. Like I much work to be done! After we helped the men work on the road, I dropped Anna, Allen and Lizzie off to see how their treeforts held up. They didn't. Mike and I were amazed that these huge trees only had 12" of shallow roots! Scare!

This is what's left of Anna's fort. She was heartbroken. Losing her truck (thanks to a deer) and her treefort in one year was sad. She's already making plans to rebuild. And Anna had wanted to wait out the hurricane in her fort!

Bad Lizzie for laughing. Evidently Ruthie's treefort was situated between the two trees. Perfect aim!

After the storm was over and the electric was still out, we were sitting in the kitchen enjoying the breeze blowing through the kitchen window. With every breeze was a cracking sound! So our good neighbor, Chip, came over and chopped down this tree that was leaning badly. What a tricky cut this was...between another large tree and the house. Thanks so much, Chip.
Both my parents' piers were underwater.

My parents' road had this bunch of trees lying across the road. That didn't stop traffic!

We know of several folks who lost their homes because of trees. We still have folks without electric. The three things I am most thankful about this storm are: the weather was beautiful for the whole week after the storm, no trees touched our home or our beehives, and our generator kept our freezers running.

I found this photo on facebook last week before the hurricane. I guess the Californians think we easterners are wimps when it comes to earthquakes. I'm just glad we're able to laugh about it!

Each day we work trying to clean up the mess. Our burnpile is getting high so our thoughts are starting to turn to bonfires. First we have to get through the heat and humidity of this weekend.

I have used the hurricane as a chance to talk to folks while standing in line while shopping. I was surprised how many folks agreed with me that God is still in control. I need to find a tract that is written for post-hurricane folks. If you know of one, please send me the info.

Enjoy this last holiday season of the summer. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Anonymous said...

I did not realize how harsh the storm was that came through your area. I'm glad you are all safe but what a lot of damage. God certainly protected your family!


Deb said...

Hi Kathie ~ I'm just reading this post from 2 days! I didn't realize you were right in the path to get that many trees down. I'm so thankful that your home and family are safe. That certainly does look like a lot of work to clean up. My husband finished getting lights back on in Hampton Roads Saturday night...but there was a company-wide mandatory work order for Sunday and Monday here locally. So he's not had any break at all and has seen very little of his sister who was visiting all weekend. We are really praying that this next Hurricane Katia will not be as bad.