Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Allen had his first banjo lesson today! This has been a dream of Allen's for several years, so he was excited. Afterwards, we invited his teacher for dinner. It was fun getting to know him.

Lizzie has been teaching Allen the guitar as well, so he is a busy guy...and sounding great!

Okay, time to play catch up. This photo was taken when we went to the outdoor concert series on the St. Mary's River located at St. Mary's College. This was the Friday evening before July 4th. We were looking forward to some patriotic music and fireworks. However, after enduring the first song that was rock music, the second song was no better.

Here you can see the orchestra down under the pavillion. After the second song we left. Allen said the only good thing about that trip was our chicken salad sandwiches made with my homemade bread. I agree!

I found this photo leftover from our July 4th picnic. My Aunt Jeanie is quite the quilter and always brings some quilts for us to be amazed at. This little quilt is made with 1/2" squares...that end up being 1/4" finished. Wow! (The fork is to give you an idea of the size.)

In July, we also had a church fellowship evening. I had so much fun that night! I wish we did it more often. Allen always tries to find someone to play chess.
The rowdy gang played Rumikub. My favorite story from that evening involved Mr. Owen, Mr. Roy, and myself. I served chili dogs and everyone else brought desserts and side dishes. Mr. Owen commented that he loved the chili for the hotdogs. I told him it was Hormel chili that I bought in a restaurant-size can. It contains no beans...which is handy for chili dogs. Well, Mr. Owen went over to Mr. Roy and said, "You like the chili? It has no meat!" Mr. Roy said he did like the chili, and that it was amazing that it had no meat. Even when I corrected Mr. Owen and told him the chili does have meat just no beans...he still said, "I just can't believe it has no meat!" My girls and I were laughing too hard at we three hard-of-hearing people. At that point, Mr. Roy was too confused, and Mr. Owen was still grinning about the chili. Oh well. At least when he reads this, Mr. Owen will finally know that the chili had meat but no beans. We love you, Mr. Owen :-)

Note to self: Be sure to cook 2 large cans of chili sauce when serving chili dogs. I kept adding little cans as we got to the bottom of the pot.

That night I received three lovely gifts. My friend Susan gave me a beautiful pot of purple petunias that are now growing nicely in my planters out front. Unfortunately our turkeys keep eating the flowers, so I will be sure to get a picture after we send them off to the butcher. My friend Lyn gave me a lovely prayer journal that one of my daughters has claimed. The third gift came from my friend Bonnie (as in Bonnie and Mr. Owen). I thought this was a creative gift bag, so I'll share it with you. I'm always looking for different ideas for hostess gifts.A chicken rub...complete with the ingredients recipe on the side, a ball of yarn that matched the notecard, And a homemade crocheted washcloth that I love! She even included the directions so I can make my own with the above yarn. I enjoy fast projects like this, so I've got it tucked away for a rainy day when I can sit in my bedroom recliner and enjoy every stitch. Thanks for your gifts, dear friends. I never think about receiving gifts, so it is always a double surprise when I am given one. My hubby just loved the Chicken Rub. He loves to tease and say, "I keep rubbing the lid but no chicken appears!" I've already used up the rub (very delicious btw) but thanks to the recipe, I've already refilled it. Clever idea!

Chicken Rub
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp paprika
Early in the summer, we went to visit Nanny and Billy at their new farm. It's heaven on earth for goats. We took plenty of townhouse crackers which they gobbled up. Lizzie was thrilled that Nanny remembered how to shake. Billy was just as clueless as ever. I am so glad we made the trip since we found out later that Nanny went to another farm that was just for nanny goats. No billy goats to boss you around and steal your food. We sure loved you goats!

Well, all 6 children are again over at my parents' home, so it is very quiet. Last night my children camped out...and it was actually cool. Temps got into the 60s!

Our big news for today was the earthquake located in Richmond, VA, but felt from NC to NY! I have lived through a 6.3 and a 6.1, but I have to say...this 5.9 was impressive! I was in town, so I immediately tried to call home. Right away the phones were overwhelmed and not working. So far we haven't felt any aftershocks, PTL.

Local schools start tomorrow, so it's bus season again. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

I see your family is keeping at your usual busy but fun pace. I would love to know what was in that chicken rub. We love chicken around here so I'm always looking for new ways to make it.
We actually felt the earthquake all the way down here - but only a little shaking. Glad everyone is safe.