Monday, August 15, 2011

The campers are home! We found out we could pick up the campers after the Friday evening we did. Mike and I drove down to Aunt Jackie and Uncle Lou's home again. We ate dinner and visited for a couple hours. Then off to The Wilds to pick up the darlings. The service lasted until 11 pm, and it was midnight before we left for home. But it was worth it! We drove all night with one or two short rest stops and got home around noon on Saturday.

Every Marylander knows what this means. Crab feast! My parents invited our extended family over for crabs. Mom wanted it simple, so we had french fries (with vinegar and old bay!), hotdogs, crabs and corn on the cob. Delicious!

It was funny watching Dustin on the VA cooker and Simba on the MD cooker. Looks like a chef's war or something.

There were three tables set up for crabs. One outside, one on the porch, and one inside. It was just humid enough with a threat of rain, but the rain held off.

The french fries were a real hit. We had two kinds...steak fries and crinklecut fries.Aunt Leslie had to stay home with a sick Donovan, but Uncle Mike brought baby Kat and Brandon. KathrynRose was more than happy to spend time with everyone. Usually she is all smiles but this time she was seriously studying all the cousins and aunts. So much fun!

Lizzie got to feed her for a few minutes. KathrynRose was too busy playing to want to eat much.

Floyd, Mom and Dad at the porch table.

Auntie Cecilia's grandbaby didn't she was part of the lineup to hold baby KathrynRose.

Of course, we all enjoyed Abigail. Abigail and Ruthie spent time swimming in the pool which was 80 degrees. After awhile, Abigail declared that her horsies were it was time to get out. "Are you cold?" asked her Daddy. "No, just my horsies."

Lizzie picked crabs for Maggie. This morning we ate the remaining 2+ dozen leftover crabs for breakfast. We call that The Decent Mother's Breakfast!
We're all still a bit off schedule from the traveling. Sarah is in Alabama visiting her friend, Rebekah, so Anna is babysitting Abigail this week.

Today we have had rain off and on...mostly on. The campers brought home a headcold which Ruthie now has. Tonight we watched The Great Escape and realized anew how many lives have been given for our freedom. Every time I watch this movie, I think about how good music really enhances a movie...and terrible music ruins a movie.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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