Monday, August 22, 2011

Church Comedy

This summer our church had a comedy/drama for VBS. Each day there would be a 15 minute skit. The skit was so well received that it was decided to combine the 5 skits into one play, and be performed for the whole church. Last night was the performance. What a great job everyone did! As usual, Owen and Karen did a magnificent job building and painting the set.

George G. and Chase S. were the bumbling sheriff and deputy. Our church loves a good western!

I don't know who these girls are...but they were funny! (Just kidding, they're my drama queens, Sarah and Maggie.)

Nathan, our church's Youth Leader, fits in well with our group.

Plenty of blackmail material here.

Believe it or not, this play actually present the gospel in a good spite of the comedy.

Yes, that's pie on Nathan's face. My only regret is that I forgot to take a picture of the Sheriff and his deputy in their pajamas, and my batteries ran out before Craig came out as Big Bad Jake. Anyone in our church may copy these pictures without asking my permission. Thanks everyone for all your long hours of rehearsals and work. It was definitely worth it!

Mike videotaped the whole performance, so if you'd like a copy of it, let us know and we will burn a dvd for you.

Remember Buttercup and Buttermilk? Here they are at a week or two.

Here they are at a few months old.

And here they are this morning in their beautiful colors. (Yes, I know I need to scrub the pool.)

When I came outside, all three turkeys were standing on the edge of the pool watching the ducks. But then I got out my camera and two of the turkeys ran away.

Showing off for the turkey. The ducks and turkeys are still best of friends. They walk through the field gobbling up bugs.

This morning was Sarah's first day back with Abigail after going to Alabama for a week. Abigail was just giddy to be back with her favorite cousins, Sarah and Maggie. Sarah gave Abigail a gift...a pair of purple Fwip Fwops! Abigail was so excited to get her very own pair of flip flops just like Sarah's! She was pleased as pumpkin to pose for me.

This afternoon Mike and I took Ruthie to Annapolis for her twice yearly appt with her asthma dr. She did very well and the dr is pleased. She even talked about taking Ruthie off the meds next time. PTL! That's extra good news considering Ruthie is still recovering from a headcold.

We are desperate for rain again. We're hoping our first hurricane of the season (Irene) comes up the coast to bring us some much needed relief. The rest of MD has gotten more than average rainfall...just not here.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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