Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today we drove 40 minutes away to LaPlata so Lizzie could play in the Music Teacher's Association's Baroque Recital. You can go here to see the pictures from last year's recital and for an explanation of the church's history. My pictures are out of order...and blogger no longer allows us to easily move them around. At the end of the recital, the Southern Maryland Flute Choir played two pieces. I enjoyed hearing all four different flutes...piccalo, flute, alto flute, and bass flute. The bass flute is really unique. The 2nd woman from the left is playing it. (They left so quickly after playing that I didn't get a chance to get a closeup picture.)
Lizzie played her piece on the harpsichord. She didn't want me to embarrass her by having her pose for a picture...and I couldn't get a good picture from my pew.
One of the music teachers played this pipe organ. I love pipe organ. My mother and aunt both played the real pipe organ in the Methodist church when I was growing up. There is just no comparison between a pipe organ and an electronic one. There were so many children signed up to play today that there ended up being 4 recitals at noon, 1,2, and 3 pm!
Yesterday I sanded the fireplace candlelabra (and the smaller one), then this morning I spray painted them. I painted several coats letting it dry 30 minutes between each coat. I am so pleased! I forgot to take a picture of the smaller candlestick, so I'll do that tomorrow.
Last summer I asked the Lord to bless us with a large screen tv so we could have guests over to watch good dvds. As usual, the Lord answered my prayer. We have one each floor. They were all free from PTL!
Last night our family watched this dvd from Vision Forum. This is a Ken Ham film. Very good information. Ken's premise is that most children have already left the faith by the time they are in Junior High or High school...sometimes even Elementary School. Ken tells why in this dvd. Ken's message is urgent for parents to hear. Ken also did a great job convincing us that we need to go to the new Creation Museum!

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend. Our weather is cool but invigorating. My hubby and children are getting lots of work done outside. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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