Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anna's Autumn Tea Party

Anna wanted to invite her girlfriends to a tea party while the trees were changing color outside. The trees didn't cooperate...but it was still a fun party. Anna spent all week planning and cleaning, then on Friday she baked with Maggie. The blueberry and cinnamon scones were delicious.

Anna had fun getting out my leaf bowls and small quilts. I didn't realize I had so many fall-colored dishes!
My favorite dish was the Veggie Pizza (or some folks call them Garden Bars). Lots of chopping to make but so yummy!
Have to have cookies.

I had fun sewing three jumpers for Ruthie this week. This is one of them. There are no little girl jumper patterns in the pattern books. I had to take my adult size pattern and cut down the XXS size...but it fits perfectly.
We all pitched in to cut out the sandwiches using my leaf cookie cutters. These are chicken salad sandwiches.

Of course, a family favorite, pecan pie bars. No leftovers here!
These cookies puff up in the middle when they come out of the oven, so we call them little sombreros.
Only one family didn't make it, so it was a nice number of girls.
Anna served English tea, Apple Cider tea, and Orange tea...all Bigelow teas. Since it was 85 degrees outside, we also made lemonade and iced tea...but the hot tea was the winner. I guess it's proper to drink hot tea at a tea party no matter how warm it is!
After lunch the girls played some Phase 10, then took a walk through the woods to see Anna's treefort.
I had a fun time with our youngest guest, little 3 year old Mary. She enjoyed drawing on the chalkboard...until I showed her our collection of baby dolls and our play kitchen. Mary wore her shoes on the wrong feet all day. It was so cute...her shoes are at least 2 sizes too big for her, but they're her favorite. I remember my children doing the same thing.
Last week I bought this cookbook at the thrift shop. So many new recipes that look tempting. I chose the South Dakota Sourdough Fry Bread as my first choice. It was yummy!
I made a honey and butter whipped topping to go with it. I'm not crazy about doughnuts...but these were just delicious while they were still warm.
We finally got over to my parents' home to bail out the paddle boat. When we finished emptying it, we carried it up to the cabin. Anna hopes to go over with a scrub brush and clean it up.

All summer long we had yellow leaves on our trees because of the drought. Then we got a whole summer's worth of rain in one week. Now everything is beautifully green! The weatherman says that makes for a short color-changing season. Oh well.
Our weather for this week looks like this. I say it's time to go camping!

We're getting ready to head out the door to my children's Sacred Music recital at 4 pm. Anna, Lizzie, and Maggie will open with a vocal song, Anna has a vocal solo, then Allen, Ruthie, Lizzie and Anna all have a piano solo. Should be fun and beautiful.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Those scones look wonderful. The weather has cooled off here too. Fall is such a pretty time of the years.