Sunday, October 31, 2010

Babies, babies, babies!

I have been having lots of fun with babies lately. I love having babies in my life! All three of my brothers have babies now. Simba has darling Abigail (2), Mike has beautiful Kat (above!), and now Floyd has a new grandbaby, Zoe. I got to spend a couple hours last Sunday holding baby Kat. She is so content to be held. (And I learned that it's not good to talk while someone is taking your picture...makes you look angry:-)
I know this picture has nothing to do with babies but I wanted to remember to post it. Allen made Mexican Wedding cookies for us...yummy!
Anna made a baby quilt for Zoe this past week.

Here's the back.

I tried to get a closeup so you could see the fabrics. The colors are distorted but you can see the prints.
Here's Zoe's proud Papa. Zoe is another very contented baby.
This past Saturday, Zoe's extended family and friends got together at a local pizza restaurant for a fun baby shower.
I was proud of the grandparents for letting my daughters and me hold Zoe for a long time. Thanks!!
Do we look happy?!

Yummy cake made by Zoe's great aunt.
Darling Abigail was a little overwhelmed by all the noise and people. The party started at naptime, so she was very sleepy. After a while she discovered the toys and all was well. She also liked the balloons.
After the shower, we went to my friend Lynn's home. Lynn's sister was my roomate at BJU. I am so glad to have Lynn back in my life. We enjoyed ourselves so much...and stayed too late. (Sorry, Lynn. I had no idea it was that late!) My children keep commenting on how delicious the food was. Lynn sent me the recipes, so I'll have to make them to show you.

Lynn is a naturopath and has a wealth of information on healthy living. I enjoyed seeing her home and learning about some of their habits. (Her hubby Al makes all the sprouts!) Thanks for a lovely evening, Lynn and Al.

Today I experimented with my sourdough and made a Sourdough Sweet Potato Pie. It was good enough to eat...but needs some tweaking. I'll keep trying before posting a recipe.
My Christmas cactus is getting ready to bloom in a big way! My friend, Adina, gave this plant to me. It's very healthy and one of my favorites.

Well, we stayed home from church tonight because everyone is very tired and sleepy. We ate dinner, took a walk in the woods, played pinochle, and now we're going to watch a dvd...then get to bed early. I am so thankful we don't have any close neighbors and therefore don't have to deal with Halloween.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

What sweet babies! That quilt is beautiful and will keep baby nice and warm this winter.
Looks like your family is staying very busy.