Thursday, October 21, 2010

While we were in Florida, Sarah had this picture printed of Anna. I love this pose, especially in the black and white. Walmart has such a good deal on printing pictures...fifteen cents a piece...and you can have them printed in less than an hour. Much better than paying the high cost of photo paper and ink for your printer!
My cosmos are looking beautiful now that we've had some rain. I took this picture from the porch...a good distance away...but it was raining and I didn't want to get wet. Next year I would like to plant a second cosmos garden using the autumn colors of golds and oranges. The cosmos also like the cold evenings.
My geraniums did terribly this year. I planted them in two half-barrels with good soil, but I must not have watered them enough.
Since "agro pots" is one of the ten most popular keywords that people use to find my blog, I thought I'd show an updated picture. I noticed the mennonites are selling strawberry plants now. Mr. Zimmerman said this is the perfect time for planting them.
On Tuesday, I bought this candlelabra at the thrift shop for $3. I want to spray paint it a flat black. It was just minutes before closing time when I paid for it. The clerk asked me if I would also like the candlelabra below:
I asked her how much and she said the magic! She said it was in the way and she wanted it gone. This is actually a bad looks really nice with 9 red pillar candles on it. I have always wanted one of these for my fireplace but they are expensive. Today I scrubbed away all the peeling paint. Tomorrow I will try sanding it and then spraying it flat black. I'll let you see the end result. If it turns out nicely enough, I may save it for a Christmas gift.
On Tuesday morning, we babysat darling Abigail while Sarah went to a class at the local college. As usual, we had a good time.
Two weeks ago, I made some sourdough fry bread. It was delicious! I got the recipe from a cowboy cookbook (another thrift shop find) and this is the first recipe I made. I'm not crazy about doughnuts, but this fry bread sure was good. Next time I'd like to leave out the sugar and add masa harina to try and mimic a fry bread taco. This is an easy recipe.
A friend of mine posted this picture on facebook. She took this picture in a store. Cute saying!

This past week I bought two dvds during Vision Forum's sale. I watched this dvd by myself to preview it for my family. I watched it while lying in bed. When I sat up, I felt the tears rolling down my face. I then realized how much I was moved by the message. When my family watched it the next night, they immediately wanted to show it to all their homeschool friends. Yes, the message is that good.

We are going to choose a Friday evening and invite as many homeschooled teens (and their families) as possible. If you are a local friend, we invite you to join us. If not, please order this dvd from Vision Forum and watch this with your family.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go see my new niece for the first time. Yes, she's almost a month old and I still haven't made it over there. I can barely wait!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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