Saturday, August 7, 2010

Every evening Mike calls from CA to keep in touch. Last night he was all excited to tell us about his landsailing fun. He tried explaining to us what a landsail looks like...but I reminded him that we saw a landsailor on the beach of North Padre Island when we were in Texas two years ago. Today Mike will be visiting a ghost town! I asked him to go buy a disposable camera for the trip. Can't wait to see!
Back here in Maryland, we did a very difficult thing this week. We gave our beloved Little Black Guy bunny away. Since we learned that most of us rate 4+ out of 4 for rabbit allergy, we haven't been able to cuddle and play with LBG...and he was hurting from that. So we gave him one last snuggle and sent him off to live with a family that is perfect for him. We sure loved you LBG! Out of the original 12 rabbits, we are down to 3 old rabbits whom we will keep until death do us part.
Maggie and Lizzie made this delicious cheesecake. Our raspberries had stopped producing in this summer heat, but now are back to full production! Yummy!
I bought this cast iron casserole pan at the thrift shop this week. I love it! And it's a Lodge pan! I put the bowl in the pan so you could see how large it is. Yes...those grape tomatoes are from my garden!
Lizzie has been busy quilting, piecing, and hand sewing. I love seeing my daughters sitting around sewing! She is using the same 3 fabrics but different patterns.
It will be fun to see these squares joined to become a quilt.
I bought this handpieced quilt for $1 at the thrift shop this week. The fabrics are little boy prints, and there is handstitching on all the squares. I bought the quilt to use as a pattern.
Maggie made a delicious avocado dressing to go with our grilled chicken salad. It was so delicious. I had a leftover baguette, so I made the croutons. We added romaine lettuce with cilantro, grape tomatoes, and vidalia onion. Everything was so yummy!
Our orchard is starting to show the effects of a record heatwave this summer.
My growpots have been wonderful but now the strawberries have stopped producing. I haven't been faithful at watering the past two weeks. I decided to make my hummingbirds and porch garden my priority.
Oops, I should've taken this picture after my hubby weedwacked! Several folks have asked if I'm pleased with my growpots. Yes!! Next year I hope to buy 12 more. It was wonderful picking strawberries everyday without all the weeding!
I will be losing one of my 6 pear trees to a disease called fire blight. I noticed earlier in the summer that my best tree looked like someone had charred the main supporting branch. This tree is too far gone to be saved but hopefully the contagious disease won't affect the rest of the orchard.

This weekend we will still have high temps but will have lower humidity before the temps soar again next week. Our local weatherman reminded us today that we are losing 1-2 minutes a day of sunlight...and everywhere I look there are back to school reminders. Too soon! We haven't even had a good hurricane scare!

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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