Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last week Sarah was on her way to my parents' home (a mile away) when she called me from her cellphone. An ultralight plane had landed on the highway...right in front of her! She had to pull over quickly. I realize this is a terrible picture but it was hard to get up close because of the state police cars. Fortunately the pilot walked away with only a small cut on his head. That made for an exciting morning!
Last week we were invited to my Uncle Norm's 75th birthday party. What a wonderful time we had! Uncle Norm doesn't like being the center of attention, but he was a good sport about it.
I had a very hard time taking pictures. The room had the wrong kind of lighting for my camera. I counted about 100 folks. Since many of us didn't go to our annual family reunion because of the 98 degree heat, it was fun seeing many of our family at the party.
The party was held at the Elk's Lodge in Calvert County, hence the big elk on the wall. The food was delicious. I was so proud of my cousins! Everything was homemade except for the Golden Fried chicken...Uncle Norm's favorite. We had Paula Dean's broccoli slaw, steamed shrimp (there was lots of that!), baked beans, fruit salad...
...caesar salad, potato salad, brisket sandwiches, and cupcakes that my mom loved. What a feast! The only sad part of the evening was knowing that my cousin's hubby was in the hospital fighting a staph infection. He's home now but will be on an antibiotics pump for a month. That will be one vacation he never forgets!
Our second birthday for the month is my nephew, Dustin, who turns 21 this week. We had a fun time celebrating with another feast of brats and chicken. My brother, Mike, can sure grill a delicious BBQ feast!
I have some oddball pictures that are as scrambled as my life has been these past two weeks:-) This is my tea cart with petunias, impatience and mint. The hummingbirds keep pulling off the leaves now, but as soon as they fly south, these flowers will look beautiful.
Maggie and Allen did their weekly beehive check...and they are concerned that both hives are missing a lot of bees. They aren't sure if the bees swarmed or what. Disappointing! Meanwhile, the filled honeycombs are sitting in my music room waiting to be scraped out. (We're waiting for the equipment to come.)
I took this picture today because it reminds me of our cat. The poster was located on the towel dispenser in the restroom at the doctor's office. It says, "I saw that! Now go back and wash your paws."

Today we took Ruthie to Annapolis to the Pediatric Pulmonologist. After a few tests, the dr. determined that Ruthie has a small bit of asthma which she thinks is caused by a little bit of acid reflux. So we came home with meds for both. In 6 months we return for another test to see if she's any better. Ruthie is miserable right now since the test was no fun and made her chest hurt.

I found this funny comic recently. How funny!
My Mom took this picture last week. She is so proud of it! Evidently the deer waited by the pool while Mom went into the house and got the camera...and then waited more while she changed batteries! He has 8 points. Great pic, Mom!My last pic is this salad that Sarah made for us. She first ate this salad at a restaurant in Alabama called Cheddars. I was hesitant to eat it but ended up enjoying it a lot. There are roasted pear slices, candied pecans, rotisserie chicken, spring mix lettuce, and a delicious maple-cider vinaigrette. Wow!

Our toaster died today. The off button stopped the toaster almost burned down the pantry. That sure was a short lifespan for a toaster!

Last week when it was 100 degrees, I got a flat tire. But I was one thankful Momma because I was still in my driveway when I discovered it!! PTL That would've been miserable to be out on the highway.

Hubby is home from CA now. So nice to feel complete again. We missed you!

My computer is dying...but Mike bought me a new one! So as soon as I sign off this post, he's gonna set up my new laptop. I can hardly wait! So with a new camera and a new computer, I guess I have no excuses for no posting.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Here to Serve Him... said...

Cheddar's...YUM-OH!!! It is one of our most favorite places to eat!! :o)

It's been fun reading your post and seeing what you have been up to!! :o) Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're glad to have your husband back home. I'll look forward to more posts when you get that new computer set up.