Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow, we are getting a lot done around here today! Allen blew the porch, Ruthie planted seeds, all the stakes got pulled out of the garden, the hummingbird feeders got washed and put away, and just lots of little odds and ends chores. The windows are open and the weather is perfect.
A few weeks ago, I bought three wrought iron hangers that hang 15" off the porch, and screwed them onto the side of my porch. I was desperate to keep the birdseed off my porch. It worked! I bought these hangers at True Value in Leonardtown for $19.95/each. I have not been able to find the 15" hangers online, so it was worth it for me to pay that price.

The top picture shows my platform feeder for my mourning doves. They love it! Actually...all the birds love it. The second picture shows my heavy steel bird feeder. I was pleased that my new hangers have no problem with my heavy bird feeders.
Our local BJs store sells a Chex Mix that is delicious...but expensive. I have tried duplicating the recipe, but had a hard time finding the little pretzel balls. I finally found them online at Walmart. Our local superstore Walmart doesn't sell them, but when we visited Mom's in VA last week, we found them! And they are delicious! These are not pretzels that you would eat in place of other pretzels...they are $3.45 for 20 oz. But for a party dish they are perfect.

To see if your Walmart carries these, click here. The great thing about these pretzel balls is that they have a kosher rating of pareve...meaning no dairy!
I bought a set of cast iron kitty hangers (they are identical but face each other) for 50 cents at the thrift shop. This morning Allen screwed them to the porch posts. As soon as I buy some black screws, I will have Allen screw those instead. Thanks, Allen! Now we have a place to hang the leashes.

I hope you are having a good day too. Mike is taking Anna, Allen, Lizzie, and Ruthie to the county fair today. We have not gone for more than a decade because the last time we went, the rock music was audible over the entire fair. However, we have talked to folks who say they don't remember hearing it except near the rides. So we are sending out our group of discerners to see if they can enjoy the exhibits without being exposed to the offensive music. I'll let you know how that turns out. I am going to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the rock music. The stores, restaurants and even medical offices are filled with it. I often rush through my shopping just to get away from it. I have tried complaining in the past but the managers don't seem a bit interested in changing things. My husband did get them to turn it off at one restaurant - at least while we were there.
Hope your family has a nice time at the fair.