Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Part two of "How do country boys with no tv have fun?" Allen made a hovercraft! This is Maggie trying it out. Very impressive!
The hovercraft only rises about 4" off the ground, but Allen had to put a board behind it so it wouldn't take off like it tried to do.
This hovercraft is powered by my $10 leaf blower that I bought off eBay. One of my Top Ten Best Buys on eBay.
I took this closeup showing the plastic "skirt" underneath. That's what traps the air and lifts it up.
Allen is excited about his success. So what is Allen researching nowadays? He's been given permission to build an observation hive in our living room. I can hardly wait!
I found two pictures online of some other fun projects. When I was at the flea market this past Saturday, I saw boxes and boxes of old books that would make good headboards.
And I think this project is nice. I am always recycling jeans into quilt squares, but I never knew how to recycle those waistbands. Now I know!

We don't have to leave until 10:30 am this morning, so I am enjoying the leisurely start. Our family is helping Maggie's therapist with babysitting this week...and it's taking all our free time.

Maggie's chiropractor has put her on a glutenfree diet since there is a connection between gluten (wheat) and inflammation. So now she is dairyfree, eggfree, and glutenfree. Wow! No fun...but Maggie doesn't seem to mind. She sees it as a fun challenge. Some fun. My husband was on a wheatfree diet for 12 years before learning it was his thyroid that was causing the allergic reaction (severe sinus congestion). As soon as he started his thyroid meds (synthroid), his "allergy" went away. I think a dairy and egg free diet is a piece of cake compared to glutenfree!

Ruthie made a wonderful chicken dinner last night to honor my birthday from Sunday...since we were gone most of the day. I still haven't opened my cards, so maybe I'll do that tonight...even though we have to babysit until 7 pm. We'll see!

Have a good day. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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