Monday, September 28, 2009

My family had a wonderful time at the St. Mary's County Fair this past Friday. They enjoyed all the exhibits. The above winning pumpkin weighed 452 lbs. That's a lot of pumpkin seeds!

If you read my last post, you know that we were concerned about loud rock music at the fair. We are pleased to say that the only time my family heard any was when they were sitting at the tractor pull...but even then it was faint. Of course, the area with the carnival rides had music blasting...but our family didn't do the rides.
My family talked most about the horse pull. It was actually scary for them since they understood how dangerous it was. The last time I went to a tractor pull, the horses bolted. And those are huge draft horses.

This watermelon was the winning cake. Isn't it beautiful!
Naturally Anna enjoyed all the quilts.
Anna took this picture for me because last year I taught a quilting class to mothers and daughters at another church. I cut out nine patch blocks for them to sew. So it was fun to see one of the blocks show up as a pillow...and win first place!
More quilting projects.
How about this huge weaving loom?! I'd hate to have to thread all those heddles!
Ruthie loved the covered wagon. Someday I hope to take our family back to Texas...and we'll have to go to a western county fair (Texas has more than 200 counties).
I enjoyed studying this picture of a 1900s kitchen. I would love to try living in a similiar kitchen...for a month or so. I guess it depends what the scenery looked like outside my sink window!
The Clydesdales were a big hit. Mike was more impressed with the 18-wheeler that is used to haul them. They sure are beautiful!
My children were impressed with the small children who had huge farm animals. Watch your feet!
Last pic from the fair...the chainsaw exhibit. My mil gave us one of these in 1989. I enjoyed it...but one day it split down the middle, so we tossed it onto the burn pile. My bil was given an eagle...and it is still standing.

Thank you for all the emails and facebook messages for my birthday yesterday. I was gone most of the day...and still haven't opened my birthday cards! Anna and Lizzie had a piano recital...actually it was a hymnfest featuring traditional hymns. It was lovely. When we walked in, the organ was playing. That gave the evening a sacred atmosphere. It was also nice that some of the teachers played and sang. My daughters' perfect performances reminded me of how thankful I am for their gifts and talents. Thank you, Lord.

I'm off and running. I have many errands today...dr's appt, violin lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, babysitting, so I am trusting in the Lord that I won't goof up and forget something. I read Psalm 104 this morning. What a wonderful Psalm to lift your spirits. Verse 33 says, "I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being." Our family sang in church yesterday morning called, "I'm in the Saviour's Hand." We are indeed.

Many blessings ~ Kathie
PS ~ I am again behind in answering my emails. Hopefully I will have time on Tuesday to catch up. Thanks for putting up with me!


Deb said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Kathie!!! I hope your day was extra special. Next year maybe I will remember before it has to be a belated wish!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday.