Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green Baby

My sister-in-law Natalie has started a new website called that sells beautiful artwork using recycled and salvaged materials...and a lot of artistic talent! Natalie has a double degree in art history and architecture...and it shows in her products.I think a key feature in Natalie's products is her "down to earth" style with just the right amount of decor. Natalie's home reflects this style, too. When I first walked into her home, I was thinking, "Oh no, we've got to be careful...this place is beautiful!" It only took a few minutes to realize this was a beautiful home that was meant to be lived in. No expensive breakables or easy to smudge furniture. Just comfy living. If this is your style, then Green Baby Design is your place to shop.
Natalie is also branching out with aprons, totes, and other art. Isn't this apron adorable?!
What a nice sturdy tote. I also appreciate Natalie's knack for thinking out of the box. A little funkiness, sometimes a little whimsy. Her straight and narrow sister in law must make her crazy!
Well, since this is my blog, I get to choose a favorite:-) I like this alphabet wall art. It is made from salvaged wood flooring (I guess it's handy having a hubby in construction!) and best of has a groove running along the top to post photos. Isn't that a great idea! Pretty handy way to quickly update photos.

So take a look at her website, then keep her in mind for birthdays, baby showers, and new moms. I think folks enjoy "feel good" gifts that are green and recycled. My only complaint about Natalie's website is...there are no pics of darling Abigail!

We're off again to babysitting. We'll be home by noon, so plenty of time for school and practicing this afternoon. Enjoy this weather and the beautiful scenery. The leaves are just starting to turn yellow.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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