Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last night we invited some friends over to play airsoft guns and ride motorbikes, then stay to cook dinner over a bonfire. As usual, my plans had to take backseat. While riding a minibike, Ruthie didn't see a log in the tall grass, and flew over the log and off the bike...and now has a broken shoulder. Yes, this is the gal who broke her wrist earlier this year.

So my friend Charmaine helped my daughters with dinner and company, while I took Ruthie to the ER. Ruthie is doing a "sling and wrap" as the doctors called it, until I take her to the orthopedic dr on Monday. (I dread telling her violin teacher.)

It was so nice to come home from the hospital 2-1/2 hrs later and find my friends still here! I really enjoyed the fellowship. As our friends were preparing to leave, they remembered they had brought their spudguns. Wow! (I'm sorry, Charmaine, you guys had just run off. Next time you definitely have to see this.)
Jeff's spudgun has a smaller barrel...and what a difference! Pow! It made a loud sound...but sure went further than Allen's spudgun...and with much more gusto. It was fun to watch the two Dads discussing all their options for more spudguns. Actually, tonight we used hard pears from our orchard. Also, Jeff used a spray deodorant called Right Guard Sport that seemed much more effective than Allen's lighter fluid.
I finally found the "night" setting on my camera for my last picture:-) We didn't get to have our bonfire...the breeze was too gusty.
You'll never believe what I got from freecycle this week...a commercial snoball machine!! I have always wanted one of these but they were too pricey. This machine came from a schoolteacher whose public school had purchased it for one event. It's in immaculate condition. Wowee!
This machine is sold at Sam's Clubs for $569 and uses regular ice cubes. I hope to use it at church picnics, VBS, family picnics, etc. What a blessing!
I was glad to find lots of online recipes for making homemade snowcone syrups...that sure saves a bundle. We were given several bottles of sugary syrup...but I'd rather my family use organic fruit juices. This week I tried a new recipe that flopped. Wow...that is certainly unusual around here. Have you ever tried Kale Chips? According to several food blogs, it is all the rage on the cooking channels. It is very simple, take fresh kale leaves and spread them on the cookie sheet. Toss with oil, salt and pepper, and bake. There are hundreds of variations on this. Some people add vinegar, some bake it fast and hot while others bake low and slow.
This is the crispy finished product. We love kale...but we hated these chips. (And they made us gassy...ugh!) I even tried spraying some of the kale with PAM spray like some recipes called for, but that was worse.

If you have tried this recipe, or something similiar (spinach maybe?), please let me know. We love kale, so I am really disappointed we didn't like this recipe.

Thanks to codeine, Ruthie slept well last night. Charmaine calls codeine her Happy Medicine! I am thankful it is not the middle of summer or Ruthie would be hot and uncomfy. We sure don't deserve God's many blessings.

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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