Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, another week has passed with no word from me. Just two excuses...I've been busy, but I also had a 48 hour bug this week. Headache and fever. What a winning combination. Thanks to my low blood pressure, it took me an extra day to recover. But last weekend we all worked together to paint some more of the basement.
I tried to get a picture of the end result, but it was hard with 12 bookcases standing in the middle of the room. We are almost halfway through the entire basement. I made the mistake of buying paint rollers from the Dollar Store. We ended up throwing them away. Totally useless. Oh well.
I never got to post this picture from our ladies' tea. This is Maggie and Anna singing. Lizzie got blocked by the music stand but she's playing her violin. I am on the other side of Lizzie playing my ukulele. The tea was wonderful. The ladies in our church sure know how to organize, decorate, feed, encourage, and welcome women.
There were many gift bags (I think about 30) that were given away during the entire tea. One of the special handmade gifts were some necklaces that were made by Bev, a member of church. These necklaces are made from our church bulletins! Bev cuts the more colorful bulletins into long triangles, then rolls them up around a toothpick. After gluing, she paints them with clear nail polish. Makes me wish I wore jewelry!
Anna got busy sewing and crafting, and contributed this garden-themed quilt, and a dozen notecards. I will have to find out where Anna has her pictures of the cards and share them with you. They were beautiful!
What beautiful centerpieces we had! Ruthie brought ours home and planted them in our log planter. I will take a picture when the impatiens grows a little and fills in the planter.

This will be a short post. We have a busy week ~ appts, the monthly meal at Saysf, out-of-town guests, dirty windows, lessons, piano tunings, etc. Now that the bookcases are back against the wall in the basement, I need to put all the books back and get the basement into working order again.

This afternoon we went to our piano recital where Allen, Lizzie and Anna played. It was a nice time seeing many old friends. Next month is our violin recital, then Lizzie has 10 pieces to finish memorizing for her adjudication in June. Then summer begins in earnest!

Our garden is doing well, the lawn is mowed, the chickens are growing quickly, and my children are finishing up their schoolyear. Maggie's occupational therapist is trying many new therapies to ease Maggie's chronic pain. Maggie has weird tape to wear on her neck and arm, an electronic zapper, and some liquid pain medication that she rubs on her arms. We are so thankful for everything this therapist is doing. Thank you for all your prayers for her.

Enjoy your week ~ Kathie

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