Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our church owns an old 1925 farmhouse that we are sprucing up in anticipation of hiring an assistant pastor. Our trustees have spent many hours working on it. My three youngest children and I went over yesterday to wash windows. What a wonderful old home! Since a lot of folks who read my blog go to my church, I will take you on a quick tour. I just loved this huge shade tree. We had one of these where we used to live. It's called a non-flowering mulberry tree. Sarah spent many hours climbing on all the branches.
I enjoyed the many shelves...especially the ones set into the walls.
The stairs are very steep, and split at the top. Each set of stairs leads to two rooms. (What a nightmare for a family with young babies!)
Here's another closet set into the wall.
Perfect for canned goods.
My favorite room is the room in the back with lots of shelves and storage. It would make a wonderful sewing room.
The laundry room has long ceiling lights that light the place brightly. Perfect place for the homeschool scholars! (This is actually a large room.)
Of course, what is a farmhouse without a large porch.
Also typical...the outside door to the basement/cellar. There are lots of shelves for canning jars down there (...from what I could see from the top of the steps indoors. Actually...I was a wimp...and too scared to go down the stairs!)
Beautiful azaleas bush.
And best of all...a path that leads right to Ernie and Violet's back door!! Mr. Ernie and Mrs. Violet just celebrated 61 years of marriage. Mrs. Violet is famous for her collection of 3000 dolls (and her good cooking!). Mr. Ernie needs to put a gate in that thar fence!
My children loved this whole place. Allen was wondering if we could rent our home to the new pastor, and we could rent this home. Ha! I enjoyed seeing this little outbuilding.
Actually, the outbuilding is in better shape than the farmouse. Looks ready for occupants!
I saw some grapevines that are trying to grow through the weeds. And there was an apple tree that could probably be revived if pruned.
My only suggestion was to block off this section with lattice so no child would climb under here to retrieve a ball or hide during a game of Hide n Seek! I'm sure plenty of snakes have made their home here.

So we had fun working and playing. We weren't able to do any of the upstairs windows on the outside. I was afraid the windows wouldn't close if I could perchance get them open.
How's this for a before and after picture?! I brought fried chicken home from Walmart yesterday. It is very rare to find fried chicken with no milk or eggs!

I am off to take Maggie to her appt. Lizzie has to get a tetanus shot because she sliced her finger on a rusty nail while washing windows. Always something!

We stopped at a thrift shop yesterday, so tomorrow I will show you pictures. Great deals!

It rained again all night with lots of lightning and thunder. This is our 9th straight day of rain. Ask and ye shall receive. PTL

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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