Friday, May 29, 2009

Look at that naughty muscovy standing on my fragile marigolds that are only 2" high! Those two muscovies better make a big dent in the mosquito population this summer or they're roast! Maggie was going bananas this morning because she isn't able to use her hands...but that didn't stop her from vacuuming with her feet!
It worked like a charm! When she got tired of vacuuming, she had someone put a swiffer pad on her feet. Poor darling.
This morning we were driving to town when we saw a "Garage Sale ~ Friday" sign. Now that's my kind of garage sale! I bought this double boiler for $1. Next year when Maggie's honeybees have lots of beeswax for making candles, I'll be all set. I'm not sure if you can tell how big this is, but the bottom is 2 gallon size, the inset is 1 gallon. Perfect! It even came with the ladle.
I'm not sure why, but my children love to pose for the camera. They always think up the craziest ideas...and their father is always a willing cameraman.
These two pictures are ridiculous. They are pretending to fight for the line.
Guess where Mike and my middle four children are tonight. Virginia...again! Yep. They found out that on July 1st the law changes, and anyone who rides a jetski will have to have a boating license. In 2012 the law changes again, and everyone, regardless of age, will have to have a boating license to drive a boat or jetski.

Here in St. Mary's County there is a boating course that runs 6 weeks long. But in VA the course is 8-4 pm all day Saturday. So today they drove down.
Anna wanted me to show you this picture of the schoolbus that goes 350 mph. (Most of today's pictures are from Anna.) It was impressive.

Well, we are between severe thunderstorms, so I want to run up and get my shower. For two hours after everyone left, Ruthie and I ran around cleaning and doing laundry. So now we're gonna get showers, then enjoy a good video (probably Roy Rogers...hurray).

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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