Thursday, May 28, 2009

I so love driving down our dirt road this time of year. The mountain laurel is just beautiful. I'll never tire of it.
Anna took this picture of our asparagus two weeks ago. Now it has grown about 18" and gone to seed. I enjoy watching my children get excited about the garden.
My pictures are going backwards from today because I forgot to upload them in reverse. My guests last week, Ellen and Chris, gave me these lilies. Lizzie picked the daisies from our field. How I love fresh cut flowers!
I bought this wrought iron candle holder at the thrift shop for 25 cents. It was rusty, so I sanded it down and sprayed some black paint on it. The beautiful floral candles are from the Dollar Store. So far it's been too windy, or too cold, or too hot, to use. But it sure is nice for looks!
My horseradish is 18" tall!
We had a lot of fun with Chris and Ellen last week. Chris is a friend of Mike's from his Navy days. Chris retired from Delta Airlines a year ago. Ellen owns her own company and commutes to Baltimore. They are full of wonderful stories. They also have our sense of humor, and lots of it! Thanks for a fun time!Chris and Ellen came up to watch the Blue Angels at our airshow rehearsal last Friday. The show was wonderful. Very few clouds in the sky...unlike the actual airshow on Saturday. According to the newspaper, the rain held off until after the airshow, but was cloudy.
Otto the trick helicopter was a favorite. So was the schoolbus that had a jet engine that could go 350 mph (but makes for terrible pictures).
There were a lot of static displays as well. I didn't take any pictures the entire weekend, so I need to raid my childrens' picture files. These pictures are from Ruthie's new camera. Did I mention the 100 pictures of darling Abigail?
After the airshow, we took my mom (who came to the airshow with us) to the Hog Point Bridge on base and we watched 11 skates swimming in the water. The one thing about our airshows here at Pax River...there is always a beautiful breeze.

Late Friday evening we packed our van and headed to VA to Mom and Dad's weekend home. My children had fun swimming, fishing, tubing, jetskiing, waterskiing, and boating. This was the only picture I found...guess Ruthie was having to much fun to snap pictures. We came home Tuesday morning, and we've been running ever since.

In a half hour I have to pick up my neighbor's children from the bus stop and take them home. Then drop Allen off at Tang Soo Do class. Then drop sourdough rolls and magazines at a friend's home. Back to pick up Allen, then home for dinner. Maggie finished the last of her MRIs today, so tomorrow I get to sleep in (but don't tell anyone!).

Enjoy the sun. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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