Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Wilds

Anna and Maggie left very early last Monday morning to go to a Christian camp called The Wilds in the mountains of North Carolina. Our church sent 19 teenagers with 3 adult chaperones, in 2 church vans. They finally downloaded all their pictures, so I'll share a few with you.
The area of Brevard, NC, is beautiful. I always enjoy going to the mountains.
This is a typical scene.
This is the main lodge. There are 95 steps leading down to the cabins where they stayed. These 95 steps are the butt of many jokes and skits.
Here are the girls with their counselor, Julia.
The lake is beautiful. When I went (30+ years ago), this lake was a neon green because it had just been dug, and the sulfuric content was high. It looks nicer being natural. Okay, I've shown you how beautiful this place is. Now to show you some of the many activities. This is a relatively new slide. The old one allowed you to slide up to 60 mph and ended in a cold, mountain spring. This newer slide is slower and ends more happily.
This is looking straight up the mountain on one of the many hikes.
The Wilds has 4 waterfalls. Those of you who have been here will be sad to know that they finally closed Waterfall #3 because it was deemed too dangerous. I remember all four hikes being perilous...!
The children got to jump off one of the rocks and swim. Anna got nervous one day when there was thunder while they were hiking and swimming.
The bottom of the camp has a large U-shaped creek for tubing. This was one of my favorite memories.
Here's a massive volleyball game.
Here's some of the staff doing western music. Lots of cowboy influence here!
Of course, the skits were fun (and western!).
There were some serious moments, too. Most of the teens from our church made commitments to the Lord. The teens got to hear a lot of good music throughout the week. This picture shows the permanent staff singing. Anna said there was a time when all 141 counselors sang, as well as when the counselors plus all the workers sang. The Wilds is synonymous with good music. One of the new activities this year is the putt putt golf.
Here's the giant swing. This was a favorite for everyone...even the staff.
Brittany enjoyed the arts and crafts shack.
This is Anna on the land trolley (as opposed to the two water trolleys).
Here's archery. This is a picture of the counselor giving water safety instructions.
Here's another skit. Can you tell how much fun this is?!

Two of our church families have already signed up for family camp next year. I'm hoping our family can go to the Music Camp in January 5-9th, 2009.

My girls had fun, and they're glad they went on the trip. They enjoyed the fun activities as well as all the great teaching/preaching. We are thankful to have them back home.

Today I paid $3.54/gallon for gas. Dad paid $3.49 in VA, $3.37 in Texas. Anyone pay cheaper? It sure was nice to get a hefty check from Uncle Sam for being a "large" family. Since all our "rolling stock" is getting old, I have a feeling this check will go towards a new(er) truck and/or commuter car for Mike. We'll see.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. It's been a good but busy week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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