Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This morning was Ruthie's violin lesson. She loves this time! Ruthie has also been good about practicing. I only know that her teacher is the best! She never says a negative word. And she gets quite a workout during these first months while teaching poise and position. Thanks so much, Mrs. Adina!
While Lizzie was getting her lesson, Ruthie and I walked down to the end of the street to Leonardtown's newly remodeled wharf.
This is a beautiful waterfront property with lots of seating and scenery...and nice restrooms!
There is a boardwalk that overlooks natural habitat.
Two things that I always enjoy seeing in Leonardtown are flowers, especially our state flower, the Black-eyed Susan.
And plenty of Amish horse and buggies. (I know this is a bad picture, but it's the only one we could get.)

The evenings are unseasonably cool this week, so we're trying to work in an overnighter at our local campground. But it looks like we've got too much going on. We'll see. No rain in sight for almost 2 weeks, according to the weatherman.

Today is the last day of summer vacation for the public school children. My heart goes out to them.

Enjoy your week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Heather said...

who is your children's violin teacher? how young does she start teaching them? Eric started with suzuki at age 3, but there i have not been able to find a teacher around here who will start that early in age.