Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hope you are finding time to be out in this beautiful weather this weekend. The storm that brought in this blessing took down two of our trees. Of course, the largest tree landed across our driveway! Thankfully, we have two driveways. The second tree missed the children's playhouse by an inch. It probably would have done some damage, so we are really blessed. Mike and the children spent yesterday afternoon clearing out some of the mess. They hope to finish today. I got the job of cleaning all the leaves and acorns out of the pool. Hey, someone has to do it!

I got my latest issue of Family Life today. I can't give you a link because it is put out by the amish. If you want the subscription address, email me. There is a poem published this month that is one of the best I have read in a long time. If you are a mother, especially a homeschool mom, a Sunday School teacher or a school teacher, then this poem will touch your heart (or you are probably in the wrong business).

The Difference

She did not see the silent tear
That trickled down his cheek;
Nor did she feel how tired was
That hand so small and weak.
She thought his frequent mischief was
Because he didn't care.
At night she did not lift his name
To God in earnest prayer.

His strength and courage ebbed away;
No longer did he cry.
The boy was growing to a man
Without a will to try.
And so he lived, and so he died;
The bad in him prevailed.
A boy, a man, a life was lost
Because one teacher failed.


The tears did not escape her eye;
She saw the trembling chin.
She knelt beside his chair and said,
"I'll help you. Try again."
Nor left him till he overcame
His trouble and despair.
That night she lifted him to God
In loving, pleading prayer.

The boy took heart, and labored on,
He grew into a man;
And on the Word of truth and right
He firmly took a stand.
God chose that man, and through his lips
The Gospel news was shared.
A hundred thousand souls were blessed
Because one teacher cared. ~K.B.

It is easy to recognize the children with obvious handicaps such as the Downs Syndrome child or the mentally retarded child. But sometimes children have other handicaps that are not obvious. These are caused by many different things including known or unknown food allergies or even genetic misprints. These can manifest themselves as hyperactivity, or inability to focus, etc. Don't write these children off as naughty brats. They are probably just as frustrated as you. Yes, I am speaking from experience. If anything, these children have bigger love tanks to fill. Unfortunately, these children are also usually the most unlovable children.

Anyhow, this poem offers a lot to think about.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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