Friday, July 27, 2007

Hog Point, NAS Pax River

Every Thursday afternoon, four of us go to the clinic on the nearby naval base to get allergy shots for dustmites. One of our favorite spots on base is the beach. When the Navy moved to southern Maryland in 1942 and forced the local farms out, they took over miles of prime beachfront property in the county. In fact, the opening of the base was the end of an entire town called Paradise, MD. We've been reading in our local paper about what the Navy base cost the locals in terms of completely obliterating their town.

Anyhow, the only road that goes past the beach has many little "fishing holes" of which we enjoy Hog Point. I guess the main reason we like it is this bridge which lets you see far. Hog Point is also where the Chesapeake and Patuxent River converge.
This Thursday we saw a huge skate, a baby skate, an eel, many crabs and jellyfish, and a few fish that look like baby swordfish, but I doubt that they were. The best part about the beaches on base is that not many people use them. We have never had anyone share Hog Point with us. If you want to visit Hog Point, there are a few picnic tables and a primitive potty, but this is not the beach to go swimming or walk barefoot. This is the beach for serious fishing and we have found many hooks and lures with multiple hooks. Also, this beach is at the base of the bridge (above picture) and the beach drops off quickly and deeply. When the tide is rushing out, I'm sure this could be a very dangerous spot with a strong undercurrent. We were watching from the bridge as the tide was going out and we saw lots of animals trying to desperately escape the current.
This is the beach for swimming (above picture). This is the beach just past the Officer's Club. You will find other people here, but not many. Our favorite time to visit this beach is in mid September when everyone is back in school and we have the entire beach to ourselves. The jellyfish are gone by then but the water is wonderfully warm. There is also a nice bathhouse and a wonderful playground nearby.

I must warn you about being on this navy base. We always get the feeling on these beaches that we are in the middle of nowhere. Be forewarned, you are being watched. The cameras are well hidden and the helicopters keep a nice distance so that you can't hear them, but they are watching!

There are many little points along the main road, so make sure you take the time to drive down each one. Each one has something special like a huge platform overlooking the river, or a nice playground. All have picnic tables.

So if you live locally and have base access, take an afternoon when the temp is in the mid 80s and go have an adventure. If you don't have access, make a date with us!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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