Friday, July 13, 2007

Everyone's Home!

My hubby and our five oldest children went on a canoeing trip with 30 other people from our church. They had a fun time even though the low water levels made for tough canoeing. They returned home last night at 10:30 pm. We spent an hour catching up, then had family devotions, then the three youngest (and smartest?) children and Daddy went to bed. Sarah, Maggie, Anna and I went downstairs and talked and laughed until 1 am. It's times like this when I feel sorry for the mama's of only boys!

Sarah took a disposable camera on this trip, so when she gets the pictures developed, I'll scan a few here. Until then, here's the fallout so far:

This is a picture of my mud room, probably the most used room in my home. I managed to get all these clothes washed in eight loads. I am so thankful to have two dishwashers and two clothes washers (shown below). The hoosier belonged to Mike's Mom. I keep detergent and cleaning supplies in it as well as all my gardening supplies.
Whenever people come to visit and they walk into my mudroom, the first thing that catches their eyes is my shelf of boots.

Because I have twins, I have two of many things, including boots. That's nice now because when we have visiting friends who need boots, we have always had the right size! When I was putting up the two sets of coat hooks, my brothers told me I was overdoing it, that I would never need all those hooks. Were they ever wrong! And this is what it looks like in the can imagine what it looks like in the winter! The little white hook/clip is where I clip my mittens. Everyone else keeps theirs in a bin in the closet.

Yesterday, Ruthie and I picked up our 20# box of fresh blueberries from the amish store. We have been snacking on them ever since. I will probably freeze 10#, dehydrate 5# and the rest will get eaten quickly.

Don't they look delicious! Not a sour or red berry in the box!Enjoy your day. We are having a beautiful day with mid 80s and a slight breeze. I just got a 25# box from UPS that has fabric in it. It is from an Ohio customer who wants it cut into 5" squares. Time to get busy!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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