Wednesday, January 11, 2012

 We got our first snow dusting this week.  It's unusual for us to not have snow before January 11th.  But we will take what we can get!
 Tonight I made a fast and easy dessert called Sopapilla Cheesecake.  I see this recipe is listed on many blogs and websites.  Go here to find a copy.  I followed this recipe except I used Tofutti's nondairy cream cheese and Fleischmann's unsalted margerine.  I also used Pillsbury's sheets of crescent rolls instead of the individual crescent rolls.  Same ingredients.
 Since I got my copy of the recipe from Feb/Mar 2012 issue of American Cowboy, we've nicknamed this dessert Cowboy Cheesecake.  See the creamy cheese filling?!  I am sure this is a rich dessert if you use real butter and real cream cheese.  I got to use my real vanilla flavoring that Lizzie gave me for Christmas.  Yummy!
 We all loved it.  Sorry...there are no leftovers.
Back in early December, I bought this beautiful oak bread box at our local thrift shop for $4.  It was filthy dirty and greasy, so I cleaned it up well with vinegar.  (I think it must've sat near someone's range top.)  Then I sanded it down, restained and sealed it.  I also replaced the 32 hardwood plugs with oak plugs.  What a difference it all made!  
It wasn't until I was sanding the bread box that I noticed the engraving on the bottom, "By JH 11-10-88 Joseph Horst."  Well, I knew we had an old order Mennonite family across the highway whose last name was Horst.  I checked with them and they assured me they have no Josephs.  
This photo shows 10 of the 32 oak plugs.
I looked on and found 4 Joseph Horsts in of whom was related to my cousin...and he happened to be a woodworker!  I sent them pictures and created quite the buzz on facebook.  Yes, their Pappy made my bread bin 24 years ago!  I sure wish we could figure out how my bread box travelled from Carroll County down to southern Maryland...3 hours away.  It's a small world...and getting smaller everyday. 
In the midst of all the excitement, I saw my friend Deb's bread box on her blog.  Her hubby, Tom, made it years ago as a gift.  I like the window on hers.  I may be tempted one day to replace the heart on mine with a window...but it's not gonna happen anytime soon!  Thanks for letting me share your photo, Deb.  
I learned something new about making basil vinegar.  When Maggie went to strain the basil out of her vinegar...we found an intriguing "skin" on it. 
Evidently this is normal.  It's called a "mother" and is formed from the residue of the basil.  Interesting. 
The vinegar mother is harmless but Maggie put hers in the compost pile.
Now she has basil vinegar ready for use in our salad dressings.  Smells wonderful!

Our family has started studying the book of James for family Bible study.  I know this is going to be painful!  James teaches about the touchy subjects of the tongue and temptations.  The editorial in my Bible reads, "An authentic faith requires an authentic Christian lifestyle."  My heart is open to learn all I can...and I'm praying I will be just as open with the application part.

My friend, Lynn, has invited us to dinner this weekend.  Anticipating the fellowship (and the food!) has added a spring to our step! 

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Kathie, I think you got a real deal on your $4 breadbox!! And what an interesting story behind it. You refinished it so it looks great!