Sunday, January 15, 2012

 This morning we enjoyed a wonderful Sunday School class and church service thanks to the drama team from Bob Jones University.  I've always enjoyed both their drama teams and their music teams.  The theme for today's drama was the second coming of Jesus Christ.  What a blessing it was.    
 Our dinner at Lynn and Al's home was wonderful.  It's always edifying to fellowship with like-minded believers.  We enjoyed beef stew and salad (with lots of broccoli!) and a delicious strawberry cobbler.  Thanks, Lynn.  We found out later that Lynn had had some unexpected visitors that day.  When it rains, it pours!  What a champ!
 We exchanged Christmas gifts with Adina, our violin teacher.  Usually the gifts are homemade...and I really like that.  Adina made two bars of soap (I already finished one!) that were unlike most soaps.  Very creamy.  And they smelled of delicious citrus. 
 Adina also made this lovely pillow for us!  I laughed when I read the inscription,  "Violin Outfits:  Consisting of violin, bow, box, and teacher, sent to any part of the United States on 1 to 3 days' trial before buying."  Thanks, Adina.  I love it! 
 Maggie took the above panorama picture on Christmas morning to show me this feature on my new camera.  I look forward to trying this.
 Recently we were learning about the line of Griswold cast iron and how that line is superior to all other lines of cast iron.  We were told the Griswold is much smoother...more like a non-stick pan.  I started looking on eBay to find a cheap Griswold skillet to see if this is true...but I ended up buying a good deal at our local antiques store. 
 It didn't take a rocket scientist to see the difference in quality!  The dealer told me that the recent kitchen fire in our county happened when someone was frying chicken in their Lodge cast iron.  The hot oil split the skillet in two causing an immediate fire.  Since most of my everyday cast iron is made by got my attention...especially since I recently experienced two large cracks in two Lodge pans!
I brought my new Griswold (no longer manufactured) home and re-seasoned it, then stirfried some baby carrots in it for dinner.  Delicious!  Definitely a keeper.  My only sadness is that Griswold rarely made any large cast iron skillets...and my everyday skillets are 13, 15 and 17 inches.  
 When we were in Florida this past Thanksgiving, Grandpa told us he'd like to eat fries once in a while...but Grandma doesn't make fries.  We were all surprised when she agreed to let us buy some frozen fries to bake!  So I told Grandpa I had to take a picture to remember this momentous occasion.  I took the first picture and then told him he had to smile and look happy about it!  He obliged. 

Well, I have a minute left before leaving for evening church.  Next Saturday our church will be showing the movie, Courageous, for men and their teen sons.  Our family will be serving cookies and this week we will be busy baking.  If you live locally, please send the men in your family to see this life-changing movie. 

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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