Thursday, January 19, 2012

 I took a peek at to see how things were.  I was pleasantly surprised. Not one bad photo.  I really like the above's how I feel.  I've been doing a pinterest experiment that seems to work:  when you go to the website, you will see this at the top:

                            Everything ~ Video ~ Popular ~ Gifts

Click on Popular...and the nasty stuff should not appear.  Stay away from Everything! 
 I brought home a carload of clothes to be cleaned and sorted for our local ministry.  If any of my local friends have toddler-size clothes, that is a need right now.  We have plenty of newborn and infant sizes. 
In early January, my children and I took a trip to Cobb Island...about 45 minutes from us.  (This is just north of the MD/VA bridge.)  I've always wanted to visit this area, so when my children said they had cabin fever, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. 
 I tried to see if there was any historical significance to the island...but all I could find was this milestone in radio history. 
As you can imagine...the scenery was breathtaking.  I also enjoyed driving through the miles and miles of farmland to get to the island.  Beautiful!
 I was amazed that the only church on the island is a Baptist church...Cobb Island Baptist Church.  (And this is Catholic territory!)  I wrote to the Pastor of this church to see what kind of music (Baptist Hymnal) and what version of the Bible (KJV) they use for their Sunday morning services.  Our family hopes to go back and visit them on a warmer Sunday. 
 The island is small (.4982 square miles) and has two seafood restaurants and a little market.   

There are all kind of houses on the island...from tiny cabins to large brick homes.  I thought this was a different sort of house.  I was surprised to learn there are 1166 people who live on the island.  That's a lot!  We only saw a few folks when we went...but we could imagine the bustle of the summertime crowd.

If you want a fun one-day trip, we highly recommend this area.  We drove up and down all the little roads we could find.  We drove home through LaPlata and saw two large thrift shops that we'd like to return to someday. 

This week has flown by.  Our family watched the Courageous movie on dvd last night.  It was every bit as good as everyone has said. 

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Hi Kathie, glad that your family had a chance to see Courageous. I thought it was excellent, too. Even though we'd seen it, Sarah wanted her own copy; we still need to go pick it up with a gift coupon she received for Christmas. I'd love to see it again, too. Your day trip sounds very fun1