Saturday, January 14, 2012

This past week, Maggie and I went to Silver Springs to keep Maggie's appointment with Dr. Yvette Ross-Hebron at The Doctor's Point. Dr. Hebron is one of two people who is responsible for Maggie's healing. She has tried many different therapies as well as given her life-changing acupuncture.

We love her like family. Now that she has her own medical practice, we have fallen in love with her hubby/receptionist/accountant. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Mr. Hebron and I both grew up in Glen Burnie...practically across the street from each other! Thank you for all you do, Dr. Hebron! You gave us our Maggie back.
 This past week was my hubby's 59th birthday.  Maggie and Lizzie made carrot cake cupcakes complete with a pecan brittle on top.  Delicious! 
 My parents invited us over to celebrate with a spaghetti dinner.  My brother Simba and his family came too. 
 It's always fun to see family. 
 I took salad and dairyfree garlic bread.  Simba brought the best fried oysters I've ever tasted.  Thanks, Simba!
 This week Grandaddy is taking Anna to get registered to vote.  Three down and three to go!  Next month my twins will be getting their drivers' permits.  This will be one busy family with 120 hours of driving to accomplish:-)
 This past December, Lizzie, Allen, Mike, Maggie, and Anna (l. to r.) all sang in the local Cosmic orchestra's performance of Handel's Messiah.  This is the first time for the twins.  We already knew how well Lizzie could sing...but we were astonished at how well Allen held his own with his new bass voice.  (We have enjoyed teasing Allen on being able to go from singing a soprano to a bass in one year.)

 Of course, we were glad Meemaw and Grandad were able to come.  We also saw Lyn and Harold as well as Doris and Dick, all from church.  Allen's Tang Soo Do teacher came to the first performance.  (We all came to the second performance on Sunday afternoon.)
If you ever need a good laugh...ask Maggie to perform the bass rendition of "Thus Saith The Lord, The Lord Of Hosts."  Hysterical!  I don't understand how my ultra-soprano can also be a bass!
 Ruthie has decided she would rather play violin in the orchestra than sing in the choir.  Fine by me!

This past month, Mike helped me rip out the straps on my kitchen sofa.  This is a vintage/antique sofa probably dating in the 1940s-50s.  The straps were brittle and were breaking. 
All done!  The new stretchy straps have nice metal brackets so we were able to screw them to the wood.  A lot of work...but worth it.  Sometime I hope to make cushions for this sofa...but until then, I just have foam rubber cushions that I cover with a sheet.  Thanks for helping, Mike.

This has been a funny week for meals.  We ate at Mom's on Thursday, took a meal to a friend on Friday, and are eating at Lynn's tonight.  I like that!

The weather has turned cold.  Today we are doing serious cleaning.  (I'm on break to do this blog post.)  Lizzie and Maggie are using their break to play violin and piano...playing celtic hymns.  Sounds wonderful!
Enjoy your Saturday while preparing your heart for Sunday's sermon. 

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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