Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ruthie is anxious to get her garden tilled, so she braved the cold temps and wind. I guess she knows pollen season is just around the corner. I think we all have cabin fever!
It's done! I pieced this quilt top together about fifteen years ago using 3 inch squares. This past month, Anna added the batting and backing, machine quilted it together, then attached the binding. I handsewed the binding on this past weekend. Thanks so much, Anna!

Every square is from clothes worn in the past...making this a real memory quilt. I see lots of scraps from my maternity fabrics. I asked Anna if she was ready to start using her longarm machine to earn money...and she said she'll be ready after twenty more quilts. Oh my! Anna is still working on her quilt for a wedding gift. She has one more row to go...and but ran out of thread. Tomorrow I will get that for her. She has probably spent a hundred hours on this quilt with the cutting, ironing, piecing, and now quilting...then binding. But it's always worth it!
This past Saturday, the youth group from church had a race that took them all over two counties. Part of the race involved coming here to our neck of the woods. First they had to eat an apple without using their hands, then they had to get a picture taken with one of our goats. It was a lot of fun...but it was all over very quickly since the race was on!
This past December, my hubby told a friend that he was looking for a heavy-duty tripod for me for a Christmas gift. I always enjoy open fire cooking, so hubby wanted something I could hang my cast iron dutch oven on. So imagine my surprise when hubby brought this home for me!! A friend of ours from church, Roy P., made this!! I love it! I wanted to build a fire and try it out, but our county is in a drought. But I'll show you as soon as I can! Thanks so much, Roy.
We used up the last of my homemade chicken broth this week, so I baked a 21 lb turkey and invited my parents over for dinner. Yes, those are baskets of laundry in the background. We seem to get behind so quickly these days.
For dessert we had Girl Scout cookies! Well, not quite. My children had seen Granddaddy's G.S. cookies earlier in the day, so Maggie decided to make a dairyfree and eggfree copycat version. They were soooo delicious! I am glad they were only enough for everyone to have two!
Tuesday morning, Sarah and Abigail came over bright and early. I asked Abigail if she wanted to jump on my trampoline. Then I showed her the trampoline...covered with snow. So I let her bounce on my exercise mat.

Abigail jumped for 15 minutes before getting tired. Oh to have that energy!

Today I've been praying for my friend, Lyn, whose mother crossed over to Gloryland this week. We're thinking of you, Lyn. One of my prayers is for Lyn to let her sisters in the Lord bless her this week. (Usually Lyn is doing the blessing!) We love you, Lyn.

This morning we ate Corned Beef and Cabbage for breakfast...a treat from Granddad. Thanks, Dad!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

"We are confident, I say, and willing, rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord." ~ II Cor 5:8

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