Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well, this is my first post for February...shameful! But we've been sick with worse-than-usual headcolds. The only child who is fully recovered is Anna...and she's the one I was worried about because of all her immunizations! Here she is working on something in the garage. Yesterday she installed the window in her treehouse, so tomorrow I will be sure to post a picture of that.
We were outside on the porch pegging clothes and Ranger had a blast playing with some boots. I'm glad his teeth didn't puncture the rubber.
Even though I was basically good for nothing these past two weeks, I still managed to have an online "garage sale" thanks to eBay. I haven't sold anything on eBay for years, but when they had free listings...I decided to take a chance. I bought this stoneware set at the thrift shop for $5 and sold it for $20.
I bought these cast iron candleholders for $2 at the thrift shop and sold them for $5.
I bought this Posture Pump for Maggie's therapy for $99 and sold it for $80.
It was hard to part with my fireking dishes that I've collected over the years from various thrift shops, usually for $1 each, but I sold all 12 for $50. I hope I don't regret it. It seemed as if 12 plates were never enough for any of my parties. Anyhow, I like the space in my pantry.
I bought this set of pyrex mixing bowls years ago at the thrift shop on Route 231 for $4 and sold them for $25. I bought them because I liked the colors...but I never used them.

Lastly, I sold these 5 Blue Willow bowls for $10. They were an odd size and didn't stack with my other bowls. So I made a total of $188...which I thought was worth my time. I'm hoping to list some more items this week. Can you tell I have spring cleaning fever...even if I still can't breathe well?!
On Friday, my youngest four daughters and I drove to Calvert County for our annual tea party at the W---- home. According to my blog, this is the fifth year we've done this! And it gets better each year. So about the sign...

It takes one hour (almost exactly) to get to the tea party. However, there is a road that is 5-6 miles (?) that is one lane...and if you get behind an old timer, it could really add time to your trip. So we left plenty early...and arrived plenty early. As usual, I missed the W's driveway and had to turn around to go back. On the way back, my daughters saw this sign...and begged me to turn around again and go back for a picture. I certainly hope no one was watching! Our family likes funny signs and we think this one is funny.
Here are the little girls...
...and here are the big girls. We were missing one family with 3 daughters, and another family moved away, so the older girls became one long table. Thank you Sonya, Rachel, Rebekah, and Hannah. For the sake of my diary, I want to mention that the weather was sunny but the 40s. We never know what to expect for this tea...we've had almost 80 degrees down to being canceled for snow.
On Saturday, Sarah and Maggie went to a bridal shower for Jess, who is about to marry our friend Matthew. Sarah crafted a beautiful picture, and Maggie grew some chocolate mint and put it in a 4-cup glass measuring cup. She knows both Jess and Matthew like chocolate. I think it is a nice idea. I know it is hard for daughters who have no income to give gifts...but I like the creativity it inspires!
Here's a closeup so you can see it better. The girls had a good time...but were so sleepy since none of us has been sleeping well thanks to our stuffy heads.

Ruthie was doing well, so I took her to the tea. But I realize now she should never have gone. By the time we got home her oxidation was 91% and she was lethargic. The good thing is that her checkup is on Thursday.

For some reason, this headcold is hard to be rid of. I am still congested and have lots of fluid in my ears. Many people that I talk to have the same problem. I'm just glad we didn't get the prolonged fever that I keep hearing about.

Our weather is supposed to warm up this week...something I am looking forward to. I need to wash windows badly!

Thank you for the notes of encouragement. It's nice to know we are missed at church. I doubt we are contagious...I just hate sitting there coughing and blowing my nose. I guess I'm not alone like that...hubby said church had many empty seats this morning.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Spring is right around the corner, so hang in there!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

All of my need He freely supplieth,
Wisdom and guidance, strength as my day.
Grace for each trial, comfort in sorrow,
Blessed communion all of the way.


Deb said...

Kathie ~ so glad that you all are on the mend! Everyone always misses your blog when you're away from it. I've actually not posted for awhile (until just today), and I've gotten a phone message and an email asking if we're all okay. So I figured I'd better jump back on the wagon and post again.

Your tea party looked delightful. And, yes, the sign is very funny! I'd skedaddle right out of there, too, as I'm much afraid of biting dogs! :)

Whoa!!! congrats on the great sales on ebay! Definitely worth it!

Anonymous said...

You ebay sales were pretty amazing. I'll have to give that a try sometime. My eldest son sells books on ebay but it is a bit harder to make much on that.
Your Valentine dinner looked delicious. You must have some great cooks in your house!
Hope you all feel better soon.