Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a long day! Mike and I took Ruthie to Annapolis (1-1/2+ hours north) for her 6-month checkup with the pulmonary dr. Ruthie did really well, especially considering she is recovering from a headcold.
As soon as I walked into the purple examination room, I knew I had to get a picture for my purple-loving friend, Deb. My camera is making everything look blue-ish, but even the rolling chair was purple.
And the sanitizer wipes had a purple lid! I left the doctor's office feeling like a queen...with four refill prescriptions in my hand. I know that I can keep Ruthie out of the hospital as long as I have access to the right meds. I was getting nervous that her meds were getting low. No longer!
After the doctor's appt, we went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market. Then we decided on the mall for lunch. I haven't been in a mall in a long while...and it was hard to see all the indecent images on all the signs. I really never want to go back. We stopped in the Williams-Sonoma store and saw this egg-waffle pan. The clerk said the little pancakes are doughy in the middle...and delicious. I'd love to try this...but not at $50 a pan.
These little pancakes originated in Hong you can read on the sign. So lets see how long it takes for me to find one of these pans in the thrift shop!
Ruthie was fascinated by the train in the mall.
Sorry for the blur...the train was moving at a good speed.

I bought two flats of strawberries at the farmer's market on Wednesday for $15 a flat. They are sweet and delicious!
Lizzie and Anna had an orthodontist appt in Prince Frederick last night, so of course we stopped in the thrift shop. I bought this silver 6-piece tea set for $20. (The sugar lid is the 6th piece.) This is an Oneida silverplate set. I bought it to sell on eBay...but my family is falling in love with it. One of the teapots needs to have a little piece soldered on which I'm hoping can be done by a silversmith for cheap. Then I will enjoy washing all the tarnish off and polishing it to a shine. I love watching tarnished silver get restored to shine!
I will have to show you some of the stuff we bought at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Here's one for tonight...Myzithra cheese!! I haven't been able to find this cheese in years. When we lived in San Diego, Mike and I enjoyed going to The Spaghetti Factory. One of our favorite dishes was Myzithra spaghetti...just spaghetti noodles, olive oil, and shredded mysithra. This Greek cheese has a salty taste like parmesiana and is made from sheep's milk. Delicious!
Recently I received this note from my friend Lyn.
And then this week I received this long, newsy letter from my friend Deb (whose blog I read called Mountain Musings). I was so encouraged by these friends that it got me thinking about the many elderly and shut-ins that I know who would love to get a letter or even a note. I'm going to try to pass the blessings along and encourage others. Thank you, Deb and Lyn for the inspiration.

Tomorrow I have no appointments! I can actually stay home and enjoy the 70+ degree weather we are expected to have! Maybe I'll even get to plant peas. And wash windows. And sew. And go to the park. Who knows?!

Enjoy the weather. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Deb said...

Hi Kathie ~ I remembered you said you were going to write a post tonight, so I had to check it before heading to bed--although it's much too late to still be up! LOVE the doctor's purple examining room. Now that would certainly cheer up a sick person. Thanks for taking a pic! :) And, how encouraging that another friend sent you a note, too. I'm so thankful that the Lord used my letter to cheer you. You know, it's so weird (not sure that's the right word?) to see a letter right on the screen in someone else's home that was sitting right here on my desk a few days ago! i guess I'll never get over how blogs bring us all closer together! I'm thankful! Enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love the purple room too. My daughters insisted on a purple room when we moved into this house. It doens't match any of the other rooms but they love it.
Deb is so sweet to write you an enouraging letter. I had some exciting news this week as I am finally going to get to meet her - soon!