Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My 5 month old niece, KathrynRose, got baptised this past Sunday morning. What a doll baby. She smiled the whole time.
My twins were given the honor of becoming KathrynRose's Godparents. We've never done anything like this before but we think it is wonderful! Here they are in the baptism service.

I think the preacher enjoyed showing Baby Dear off to the congregation. This is the same church that Mike and Leslie got married in.
My hubby was pleased the the sermon was Biblically sound...and included the gospel. PTL
While all this was going on, I was home sick in bed with a fever! I tried so hard to talk myself out of feeling miserably. It was my own fault too...I wanted to test some Chinese food to see if it had egg. I thought maybe I'd get a little rash or something. I got a rash within the hour, water blisters on the roof of my mouth, and a fever for 2 days. At least I have my answer!
Maggie and Lizzie made the top cake (dairy and eggfree). The bottom cake is for normal folks, *smile*

After the baptism service, everyone headed over to Leslie's parents' home for lunch and fellowship.
The home is waterfront, and my children loved it. Leslie's parents travel a lot, so their home is reflective of their travels. My Mom and Aunt took turns playing the Steinway grand piano.

The older I get, the more I enjoy family gatherings. I don't see my brothers and their families, so I will have to check Anna's camera for more pictures. What a good memory.
On Friday, we had my friend, Tracey, and her children over for fellowship. Sarah helped Lizzie and Tracey with crocheting...and worked on her own project as well.
Tracey is making this cute shawl.
Lizzie is making this doily.
And Sarah is doing a wonderful job on this hat.
What a picture! It almost looks like Sarah is angry! But she is trying to give Tracey a visual of the groups of stitches. They really were having a fun time.
Ruthie and Brianna had a blast in the basement playing dolls, kitchen, sewing, etc. They have such a good time together. Ruthie rarely gets to play with children her own age.
I was so proud of Allen. He was in charge of the boys. First he taught them chess. I expected their eyes to glaze over...but they loved it!
They enjoyed Blokus more.
The weather outside was windy and gusty. Very gusty. Mike and Allen let the little boys fly kites. Then Mike did what he does with kites...he broke the string and sent the kite off to live in the tree with our other kite. Yes, it can be too windy to fly a kite.
Tracey is always willing to try new foods, so I baked some butterbut squash. All I added was olive oil, salt, and pepper. She loved it!

I love catching my children off guard with the camera! Maggie has her heated ricepack on her neck. Now that she has been weaned off her pain medication for a month, some of the pain is noticeable. That hasn't slowed her down much!
Anna has been working long hours trying to finish up her quilt for a wedding gift. She finally finished! (The quilt is lying on my bed on the diagonal. I just wanted to get a quick picture.)
Ruthie sewed up these cute booties for her dolly. I love having a homeful of seamstresses!

Today was a long day. Maggie had her appt up at Walter Reed. Then errands, Tang Soo Do, and home. I wanted to write this post before I got further behind.

Tonight my five youngest children are over at my parents' home watching an Audie Murphy western. They took homemade bread and soup over so they could all eat together. That's a switch! Usually Dad sends food here!

Once again, after being at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, I am in a thankful mood. Seeing so many young men without their limbs reminds me of how much we have. It puts things in perspective.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

What a precious little baby. I also love the beautiful quilt your daughter made. It would be hard to give it to someone else. :)
You are blessed having a house full of seamstresses. The booties are so cute.