Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yesterday our family hosted a dinner for the XYZers from church. It ended up being a bittersweet afternoon because three of our members rode together and had a car accident on their way. Mrs. Ruth was heavensent by the time we learned of the accident. Fortunately, the other two passengers are home and recovering. I have been reading on Facebook of the many people whose lives were touched by Mrs. Ruth. She was fun loving and warm. Our family loved her dearly. She was always asking us if she could bring her pajamas and live with us...she'd even do the dishes! What a testimony she had.

If you are reading this in real time (not months later), please pray for our church family as we pause to honor Mrs. Ruth's life, and support her family. While we recognize the perfect will of God, we also recognize the sad reality of Mrs. Ruth's absence from our lives. Mrs. Ruth's husband and family will be faced with many decisions. Added later: Since so many folks have asked me about the article on the accident, I've posted the link here.

My children enjoyed practicing for their mini Christmas concert for the XYZers. They were going to sing the cowboy Christmas song called Corn, Water, and Wood. We were halfway through our mini-concert when we received the news of the accident, so this song wasn't sung.
Anna was looking forward to her debut as a double bass player. We've named our bass, Shug, in honor of Shug Fisher, a Sons of the Pioneers bass player. Shug got his name from his mother and sisters, who called him Sugar...shortened to Shug. Shug was also a well-known actor during his lifetime.
Our last two skits (that also weren't performed) required a lot of props and costume changes, so I took two of our shower curtains and hung them in the hallway. It worked well!
Here's our Christmas tree with our western skirt. Tonight we were watching a video when the top half of the tree went dark. All the little individual lights were burnt!! It was so hard trying to take the lights off that I ended up cutting them off with scissors. So disappointing.
We ended up having 19 guests for dinner, plus our family. We served ham, cranberry festive salad, scalloped potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, and sourdough dinner rolls. For dessert we had cheesecake, chocolate brownies, salted peanut chews, and tiramisu that flopped. And lots of coffee.
One of the young adults from our church, Rebecca, brought her grandmother who is visiting from Ohio. We wanted to treat Rebecca as a guest...but she insisted on helping. Were we ever blessed!! Rebecca stepped right up and started serving drinks and coffee like a real pro! I am going to take her picture at church tomorrow so I can post it here. Rebecca is the oldest of five children, so she knows all about stepping up to the plate. Thanks so much, Rebecca.
Here's the whole gang minus Mrs. Pat, the leader of the pack. She had the camera.
This morning I got up bright and early to go to my friend Bonnie's home for a ladie's tea and brunch. What wonderful fellowship! This is my second year to be invited. Even though I gave myself a stern lecture to take lots of pictures, my mind never even thought of my camera until I went to leave. I tried to hurry up and take a few pictures.
I like these pillows that match Bonnie's valances. Bonnie loves Waverly fabrics. Thank you for a wonderful morning, Bonnie.
Since I was asked for this recipe several times yesterday and today, I will post a link here for it. It's called Salted Peanut Chews. This recipe is so easy it's almost embarrassing. When I looked for the recipe online, I learned there are many different variations for the bottom layer. I used a Pillsbury Supreme Yellow Cake mix, but I saw recipes using shortbread, sugar cookie dough, and a recipe for making it from scratch.

I was also asked for my Festive Cranberry Salad recipe that I've posted here before. I get asked for the recipe every time I serve's that good! (But easy.)
My friend, Terri, gave me this Christmas gift when she came with the XYZers for dinner. I love it! I put this nativity scene on my piano (which has a gloss) and it is just beautiful. With my Christmas tree on one end of the living room, and my fire blazing in the fireplace, this was perfect for the other end of my living room. I just realized I should've taken a daytime picture of it to show you the JOY part. I'll do that for tomorrow.
Tonight we enjoyed sitting in front of the toasty fire. My family went in several different directions today, so it is good to be home again. This Christmas season is going by quickly, so I am trying to absorb and enjoy every well as focusing on the real reason for the season.

This Christmas season as I spend time in thrift shops and stores, I try to always have a contented smile on my face, as well as finding ways to be a blessing to strangers. Sometimes I offer to take a cart when I see someone is finished unloading, sometimes (oftentimes!) I keep toddlers amused while waiting in long lines, and almost always I try to find something positive to say to bored folks. I've never been treated meanly when doing this, and no one has ever ignored me. I know that's not the same as sharing the gospel, but sometimes your walk talks louder than your talk talks. I just know that the Lord has laid this on my heart for a reason, so I'm just following his leading.

Enjoy your Sunday. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear church member Mrs. Ruth. I will add her family and church to my prayer list.