Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mike, Maggie (l), and Anna (r) all enjoyed singing in the Cosmic Orchestra's Messiah concert this past weekend. They had a concert on Saturday and Sunday.

The rest of the family went to the Sunday concert here at the Crossroads Church in St. Leonard.
We were early, so we got to snap some pictures of the rehearsal.
The church is beautiful and has wonderful accoustics.
I took this picture with Maggie and Mike.
And Anna is mostly hidden in this picture. Cosmic is not a professional orchestra, but all three enjoyed singing in it and said they would definitely do it again. I enjoyed it also, especially the singalong Hallelujah Chorus at the end. Meemaw and Grandad also came.
Before the concert began, the flute orchestra played several Christmas songs. I always enjoy listening to this group.
I read recently in the local newspaper that two popular restaurants are coming to town...Red Lobster and Cracker Barrel. Now that I see the new building, I have to wonder which restaurant will be occupying it!! It breaks my heart to see our county permitting yet another huge building.
This past Wednesday, our family was asked to perform for the Loffler Center's Seniors. We weren't sure what the schedule was. We were told one thing...and the newspaper said another. Actually, it wasn't until we saw our names in the newspaper that we started to get nervous! As it ended up, the folks there were very warm and gracious. Here we are warming up.
Lots of props...can't forget those! I didn't get any pictures of the performance because, well, I was waiting for my turn to perform!
The building was decorated very nicely.
I thought the stage was beautiful.
Afterwards we stood around talking. My Dad came and taped the whole thing. It was a wonderful experience. I guess they enjoyed it as well since we've been asked back for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

One thing we learned from this...make sure to have a full dress rehearsal a week in advance. We thought we had matching shirts...but found out the hard way that two daughters no longer had their shirts! After a quick scramble, we found four matching shirts in Anna and Maggie's closet and made do. Thank you Walmart for your clearance rack!

Last Sunday, our church performed its annual Christmas cantata and drama. I didn't want to take any pictures once the play started, so I took a two of the stage.
Here's the other end. The drama was Amazing Grace, a play written by Ron Hamilton. I enjoyed the play...the actors and the choir were wonderful.
I had to get a picture of our pastor who was convincing as the small town sheriff.

We enjoyed our first snowfall yesterday. We got 2-3 inches.

Our family is finished with Christmas shopping except for one small gift. The sewing machines are humming, the fireplace is roaring, and the spirits are warming. What a wonderful time of year.

Hope your are enjoying this season as well. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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