Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our good news today is that our daughter Anna has been accepted to go on BIMI's SMART trip in May. Now that Anna has gone through BIMI's Camp I and II, she qualifies for the Smart trip to Asia. This is a wonderful opportunity designed to give Anna the experience of missions. We are thrilled for her, and this is an answer to many prayers. We will definitely keep you updated.

According to Anna's prayer letter, her prayer request right now is for God to prepare her spiritually as well as financially.
After the XYZers left my home on Friday, I discovered this beautiful Poinsettia plant. Does anyone know who gave us this gift? We think we have narrowed it down to Catherine. It sure is beautiful...and I want to be sure to thank her for it. Do you know that Poinsettias are not really poisonous if eaten? They will just give you a good bellyache.
This is the daytime version of the nativity that was given to me by my friend Terri. I sure do like this gift.

This week I bought a half bushel of fuji apples at the farmer's market for $15. I also bought my annual 50# bag of white onions for $10. I think those are fantastic prices. The apples are delicious. Saturday I will be able to pick up a bushel of ruby red favorite!
What a blurry picture I took of Rebecca! This is the gal who knows how to serve coffee and tea! Thanks again, Rebecca.
Can you tell what this is? I went to toast something in our toaster oven...and I found one of the heating elements all bent out of whack! I have no idea how we did that!
The Sound Of Music
I read on the news recently that the cast of The Sound of Music was reunited on Oprah. That is one show I would've enjoyed watching. Instead, I read the article and enjoyed looking at the now/then photos. I also had fun reading on all the goofs and interesting trivia. Our family usually watches this movie once a year...but we hum the songs for a week afterwards!
On Tuesday, we said our goodbyes to our friend Ruth. The room in the funeral home was packed. Even though the crowd seemed to be all believers in Christ, Ruth had requested that the gospel be given. It was...several times. It was nice to see Ruth's extended family again.
At the funeral, we learned of the homegoing of yet another one of our elderly members, Mr. Dudley. Already I have heard of what a wonderful role model his wife, Mrs. Joyce, is for the women in our church. She is known for putting her husband first before herself. How often do you hear/see that?!
We are having bitterly cold weather this week. Yes, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Keep warm and safe. Remind your family how much you love them. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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