Friday, March 19, 2010

We are saddened today to hear of the death of our beloved Daniel Boone, Fess Parker. Thanks to the interviews on the dvds, we feel like we knew him personally. I enjoyed reading this tribute to him. We have watched all six seasons, plus the four Davy Crockett movies, many times...and probably will many more! Makes me want to wear my coonskin hat again. A hero on screen, and a hero on earth. Goodbye, Mr. Parker.
Do you know this famous guy? This is Mr. Tom, winner of the chili contest at First Baptist Church of Calvert County...and proud of it! Can you imagine an italian winning a chili contest?! Reminds me of that old commercial where the cowboys would sit around the campfire eating some salsa made in New York City...NEW YORK CITY?!

All funnin' aside, I hope Tom writes down his recipe. He told it to me...but I forget the details. I do remember that it had masa harina, roasted veggies, and sausage (I told you...he's no Texan!). There was such a rush to the winning chili that I didn't get a chance to taste it. Guess I know what the ticket to the next hymnsing will large pot of chili! (Just for Italians, we won't charge the rest of us.) Thanks for the picture, Jenn.

I made my chili from an old recipe. It is a true Texas chili recipe, meaning no beans and no tomatoes. I did have several folks ask about my chili. They wanted to know what spices I used. This recipe called for a half-cup of many usual spices, but I did use the Mexican Oregano that my Dad brought up from Texas. I think that made it unusual.
I forgot to take a picture of the finished chili. This is before the liquid had time to simmer and concentrate. My hubby liked my chili that's what counts for me. He also liked my choice of meat (chuck instead of ground beef). I am glad I wasn't one of the judges...I liked several of the chilis.
Allen has been busy today. He's experimenting with his hovercraft and sewing up a larger skirt. I think he has BIG plans!
Allen made a casing for his 23 ft skirt, then threaded fishing line through it to gather it up. I'll let you see the end result whenever it gets finished.
Today I had lots of fun sewing a black and white bandana quilt top. It took me 20 minutes. Years ago I made red bandana quilts but they were frustrating because the print was never centered correctly on the square. But these bandanas from Walmart are perfectly aligned and a breeze to sew. Walmart has more than a dozen colors and patterns...very tempting to try many versions!

I haven't sewn the backing onto the quilt yet...or even ironed it. I wanted to see if I'd sewn enough bandanas (25) to fit my kingsize bed. The quilt top measures almost 120x120...big enough!

I had to take Ruthie to the Emergency Room because she started wheezing. But her oxidation was 97...a good number. I did feel foolish when the nurse took her temperature...and it was 103.6! Ruthie always gets flushed when she's having trouble breathing (and rarely gets a fever), so I never thought to take her temp. Oh well. Still learning about this mothering stuff.

Anyhow, I brought her home (the ER was filled to overflowing), gave her some tylenol, and we're doing nebulizer treatments every hour. I have no idea what triggered it this time, maybe pollen. Sure wish I could give her steroids...but the last treatment put so much weight on her that the dr says no more.

Mike, Anna and Maggie are on their way home from BJU tonight. They will drive as far as Mike can stay awake, then come home in the morning. If they drive straight through, they will arrive at 2 am. I can't wait!!

Enjoy your weekend. I hope to get some dresses I say every week. But we're getting desperate now, so it'll probably happen.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Heather MacQ said...

I love the black and white bandana quilt! What a wonderful idea!

Debbie said...

Love that black and white quilt cover, would never have thought to do that...very pretty