Monday, March 15, 2010

Almost every Sunday of the year, I prepare a roast beef dinner to be eaten when we get home from church. Yesterday I used my new flameware skillet from Clay Coyote. I loved it! I put a completely frozen roast in the oven at 9 am and turned the oven to 300 degrees. When we got home at 1:30, the roast was perfectly done.
This is the raw roast. I didn't want to start off my post with raw meat:-) I made the gravy in the skillet. I liked the little pour spouts on the side to rest my whisk. If you tend to scorch your gravies, then use this would be impossible to scorch in this evenly-heated skillet!
Are we lucky or not? Look at these temps! I'm all ready...I have 8 loads of laundry all pegged on the back porch.
This Saturday I got a book in the mail that I had ordered on for 47 cents (plus $3.99 shipping!). This is a small book, about 6x6 inch square. There are 6 recipes I want to try. The first recipe I saw that really caught my eye is Indonesian Beggar's Chicken. And since I had all the ingredients already on hand...
...I made it! (Chicken looks funny because it's breast side down.) Was it ever yummy! Cilantro, lime, tamarind, onion, soy sauce, and garlic. You may see the recipe here if you click on "features" at the bottom of the page.

I have learned that they are many different versions of Beggar's Chicken. The next Beggar's Chicken recipe I will try will be from my Romertopf cookbook. This recipe is completely different from the first recipe. Cooking is so much fun!

Along with the Beggar's Chicken, I served two boxes of Mexican Fiesta Rice that I bought at the bent and dent store. I added a can of pinto beans. My family loved it! I also stirfried a bag of coleslaw mix (undressed). Perfect!
I copied this picture from Sarah's blog. This is Abigail standing at her window clapping her hands...Grandaddy is coming to visit! My Dad visits Abigail almost everyday...something both Sarah and Abigail look forward to. Well, tonight Mike is up at Dulles Airport picking up Sarah from her visit to Alabama. So Anna babysat today...and loved it. Of course, Grandaddy came by for the afternoon.

Today I picked up Maggie from her appt in town, then drove to my parents' home where my youngest three were getting piano lessons. Well, I only came home with one child...everyone else stayed for ham dinner at Grandad's!

Later on when Grandad brought "the kiddies" home, he stayed for an hour to warm up in front of our fireplace. We retired military families really enjoy being close to grandparents!

Mike is supposed to drive Maggie and Anna down to Bob Jones University (in SC) on Wednesday, but Maggie had a new treatment done last week that is causing her a lot of pain...and just when she was doing well. So we are still debating what to do...go or stay. Lots of prayer!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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