Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Agro-Tower Grow Pots

This week I discovered these wonderful pots called Grow Pots that are sold in California by a nice guy named Lee Blevins. I wrote to Mr. Blevins to get permission to copy some of his pictures...and a few minutes later he called on the telephone! Can't beat service like that!
It's hard to believe these pots are so simple. Each pot holds 6 strawberry plants. You can stack the pots as high as you want. Each pot has inserts to attach to the next pot. You can slide a pole or pipe down the middle for more stability. I'm sold!
Okay...I volunteer to weed this garden!

I would like to put together a shipment of these growpots. If you are interested in buying 1 or 100, please let me know. (Of course, this is for my local friends only.) Check the pricelist and then send me an email. Gotta hurry...strawberry season is here! The color choices are white and black (no longer selling terra cotta). As soon as I know how many I'll be ordering, I'll let you know what the shipping cost is. (I'll give you the shipping info before I place the order in case you need to adjust it.) Are you confused now? We have been busy this week. Allen earned a black stripe on his green belt at Tang Soo Do. That was a proud moment for our whole family!
Allen hasn't been able to do his kick because of a knee problem (bone growing faster than muscle), so he did a hand chop. Wow! Very impressive!
I like this sign in the dojang. I agree!
On Saturday, we went to see Mike's old barbershop chorus perform their annual concert. Well done! I enjoyed it. It was hard to take pictures because of the lighting, but the stage was setup as a prison. Very funny...but scary to see a lot of our friends looking like true prisoners!

I like their new uniforms. Mike misses his barbershopping days and will probably be rejoining soon. On the way home from the concert we stopped at the Farmer's Market and bought two flats of strawberries for $6 apiece. Yummy! Very sweet. We arrived home expecting to smell our chicken dinner roasting in the oven...but someone forgot to turn the second knob to "bake."

Ruthie is staying the same, not better not worse. The doc wants to see her everyday. We also have orders not to let her be around any children or exposed to any triggers since her immune system is obviously low. Tomorrow I will buy a box of masks so she can go outside for a little bit.

We burned up the last of our wood this morning in the woodstove in the basement. Nice and toasty down there! I've enjoyed being home with Ruthie while our family is at church. Nice and quiet.

Enjoy spring. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Deb said...

Kathie ~ Thanks for posting about these towers!! We're going to check into it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know this is an old post, so tell me, how'd they work? Could they be used for potatoes? Hope your Ruthie and the rest of your clan are all better these 4yrs later!

Kathie said...

I'm glad you asked about the agro pots. We love them. Yes, they could be used for potatoes. Two key points. I wish I had bought white pots so I could see the black widows which we have many of. They are drawn to the black. We also have many black snakes and copperheads and I'm sure they love curling up in the warm pots.

Secondly, these pots require you to water them everyday. In the summer we cannot miss even one day of watering.

Otherwise, these are wonderful. My daughter plants her herbs on the top pots.

Let me know how your potatoes turn out if you decided to use the pots.

(And Ruthie is much healthier these days thanks to occasional acupuncture appointments.)

Many blessings!


Anonymous said...

Could those be used for iceberg lettuce?

Kathie said...

I would say you could grow iceberg on the top agropot but I doubt there is enough room on the lower tiers.