Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have you ever seen a welcome mat like my mom's? No, this is not a new idea for excess zucchini. These are cucumber slices. My mom has a problem with ants, especially in the summer. She has tried everything, both green and commercial. But nothing has worked like the cucumbers! Read here for some other green ways of getting rid of ants.
I enjoy looking out my window each morning and watching Lizzie trying to eat her bowl of cereal. I'm afraid Ranger is getting spoiled as well as developing some bad habits. And Buttermilk finally has her beautiful blue feathers...and her voice. We've never had a quacker before. When Lizzie takes the goats out to the field every morning, Buttermilk is right behind. I also enjoy watching the goats rub their foreheads on Lizzie (lovepats). Lizzie loves her animals. (BTW, no sign of either muscovy now...much to Lizzie's dismay.)
So I've got my little luggage carrier with Maggie's records and MRIs, and we're off to the orthopedic dr. Maggie laughs at me for using the carrier, but those MRIs are heavy and awkward. I also add my handbag and put a bungee cord around it all...then I'm all set!

Summer is quickly fleeing. Hope you are enjoying it. God blessed us with a good bit of rain on Monday, so things are looking green again.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the cucumber tip. I've had a problem with little ants coming in around our kitchen window. Vinegar will hold them off for a few days but then they reappear. I'll have to try the cucumbers. Hope your daughter's appointment went well.