Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yesterday I was excited about getting the honeybees, so I didn't get a chance to share with you about our Easter morning. Our sunrise service was held indoors because of the cold weather (we Baptists are becoming wimpy!). Afterwards we went back to church for breakfast that was prepared by Bonnie and Owen. What a treat! Isn't this a gorgeous flower arrangement? Bonnie has a real touch with decorating. (Oops ~ Bonnie just let me know that our friend, Jeanette, arranged the flowers. So much talent for one church!)
And Bonnie doesn't forget the children.
Even though Bonnie was busy doing all the breakfast, she was still able to find time to make special Empty Tomb cakes for her Sunday School class of 4 and 5 year olds. I had never heard of these cakes...which are also called Easter Crescent rolls, Tomb cookies, etc. You can find a good copy of the recipe here that also explains the spiritual symbolism.
I left my camera with Owen so he could take a picture of the finished product...but he forgot to show the empty tomb! So today I stopped and bought a tube of crescent rolls and got my three youngest children to make 8 of them.And this is the empty tomb! I found many versions of the recipe. We rolled out the triangles, brushed with melted butter, sprinkled cinnamon and sugar, and placed 7 mini marshmallows in the center; fold around the marshmallows and pinch the dough. Brush with more melted butter, and sprinkle more cinnamon. It is the melted marshmallow that creates the empty tombs.

I think this is a terrific idea for children, especially if they are kinestic and learn by doing with their hands. Thanks for the idea, Bonnie.
I would like to share with you another blessing we received this weekend. Our family wanted to sing this song called, "Three Empty Crosses" that we have on an amish cassette. We have tried for two years to find the music to it, but were always unsuccessful. Unfortunately, we were having trouble with a few notes, and unsure about a few words.

Last Thursday evening, with a prayerful heart, I looked at the cassette tape one more time...and realized the cover opened up with a listing of the composers. Voila! So this time I googled the name of the song + the composer...and I finally found a woman who was selling 25 copies! But that was Thursday...and we needed to learn the song to sing on Sunday.

I emailed the woman, whose name is Elaine, and asked if she could email us the pages if I bought the 25 copies. And she did! What a blessing! Elaine has a wonderful blog. Take a look and enjoy. I love belonging to the family of God. Thanks so much, Elaine. (And today my 25 copies came in the mail!)

I know this is off the record, but once a month or so, I indulge my love of the old west, and read this website called Chronicle of the Old West. This month there is a nice poem called, "I Am Thankful." Be sure to read it. This website also has a fun page called The Chuckwagon that contains recipes from a hundred plus years. I'd like to try the vinegar pie.
Well, tonight I didn't serve kale because I was in a rush, so we had a fast throw-together salad that was delicious. Salad mix, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, fried rice noodles, cilantro, and a little bit of chicken (2 breasts for 8 people). We served it with hoisin sauce. Ooh la la!

I hope you also had a joyous celebration this weekend. One good thing about the poor economy...I didn't see any ridiculous eggs hanging from trees, or blowup bunnies.

He is risen indeed. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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