Thursday, April 9, 2009

How do country boys with no televisions have fun? Spudguns! Mike and Allen built two spudguns recently. There's the smaller one on the ground, and the larger missile gun that they're shooting. I tried to time the camera to catch the potato flying through the air but it goes too quickly.
This is Allen stuffing the potato down the chute. Mike doesn't usually dress up for these events, but he had just gotten home from work and Allen couldn't wait another minute. Aren't they handsome guys?! Our family is off to Mount Zion United Methodist Church for the noon service this Good Friday. This is the same church where we go for our Christmas eve services. I was raised in a UMC (in Glen Burnie, MD) and one of the things that impacted my spiritual life was the Good Friday service. Back then, the service lasted three hours. Today's service will last one hour. I think it is important for my children to take time on this holiday to reflect on what Jesus went through to pay for their sins.

Afterwards, we hope to come home and get some serious planting done in the garden...if we can beat the rain.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

Added later:

We just got home from church and ate lunch, so I thought I'd go ahead and share about our service. I am so glad we went. This is a picture of the church. There were probably 40 people in attendance today. Not bad for a noon service on a workday.The service was well done. At one point, we had to go up front and hammer in a nail on the wood cross. I was trembling when it was my turn. My family agreed that the actual pounding in the nail really hit home that it was our sin that drove Jesus to the cross...but His love that kept Him there. PTLThis is one of my favorite signs around our county this time of year. This sign is located on the gate of our local transfer station (trash pickup). Even though Easter means egg hunts and candy baskets to the world, at least we can still call it Easter.

Before we left for church, I loaded up my crockpot with 1# macaroni, 1# browned beef, and one 48 oz can V8, and set it on high. When we got home 1-1/2 hours later, it was perfectly done. Yummy! Years ago I would've shredded a cup of colby cheese over top, but now we just season with garlic salt. Still yummy.

Hopefully your day is as sunny and warm as ours. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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taralynn819 said...

You make goulash!!! As simple as it is, that was the meal I always requested for my birthday! The ultimate comfort food!

And you can be sure that as long as St. Mary's County retains a high percentage of Catholics, you will always see that "Closed Easter" sign. Now, if they want to please us Baptists, they should change it to "Closed Resurrection".

But wait, isn't that like "closed communion"? Just kidding! :)