Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maggie and Allen were excited about feeding the honeybees today. The bees are doing just great!
Here's a closeup. I wish Maggie were here to explain the picture. I'll have her update it when she comes home. Sarah, Maggie and Allen went to a fundraiser for autistic children that is being sponsored by Maggie's Occupational Therapist.
Maggie loves the way the bees will find any sugarwater. These are drops she spilled. Someone asked if we could notice bees around our property. Oh yes! We see them everywhere! Most of the time their bright yellow pollen-filled sacs are very visible. Yippee!
We have gotten a lot of chores done today. Maggie and Anna worked on the mini bikes.
They are very proud to know how to do whatever it is they are doing.
Even though it is very warm and humid (88 degrees), we spent all morning in the garden. This is Maggie transplanting voluntary raspberry bushes. Maggie has to wear an electronic thing that attaches to her arms while she is using them. She says it feels good.
Lizzie made this jumper for Maggie. Lizzie has sure gotten the sewing bug!
Ruthie, Lizzie and I went to the farmers market and bought strawberries, cantaloupes, celery, leeks, lemons, tomatoes, broccoli, and...
seedless watermelons!! Yes, they are as good as they look. Very sweet!
Dinner should be ready in a few minutes. I am making this recipe from my Country Living issue (May 2009) and it looks and smells delicious! And did I mention how easy it is? Just squirt fresh lemons over chicken breasts, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Mix 3/4 cup of peach jam (from the amish store) and 4 cloves minced garlic. Spread over chicken and bake, uncovered, for almost an hour at 400 degrees.

Well, I have 8 minutes until the chicken is done, so I will go steam some broccoli, and stirfry some celery and leeks. I may even steam some rice. I cut the large stems off the broccoli and shredded them for slaw tomorrow.

Just one note about the above picture: It is never a good idea to squirt lemon into a cast iron skillet. I put the lemon on my chicken while it was still on a glass dish, then slid the chicken into the skillet for the rest of the recipe.

Added later: We loved the chicken. Definitely a keeper recipe. The only thing I would change is to double the peach and garlic mixture so there is extra sauce to serve on the side.

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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