Monday, November 26, 2007

Susie comes to visit

My cousin, Susie (far right), surprised us with a visit this weekend. My children love it when Sue visits. She always has the time to sit and listen to their endless stories and jokes. Susie's children are grown and gone, so I guess she misses the noise occasionally. Of course, I enjoy catching up with Sue. All it takes is a minute and it feels like old times!

Susie and I are 2 months apart in age. We grew up on the same street and went to the same high school. Sue went with me to drop off my children at Mom's home for piano lessons, so we hiked down to the pond. Dad had my nephew make this log cabin out of logs that came from a demolition job he did. It isn't quite finished yet, but we already love it. Doesn't it look nice!
The cabin is at a fork in the woods. Each path leads to a pier. I took this picture from the porch of the cabin.This is the second pier. Until today, I hadn't realized how low the pond is from the drought. There are many stumps showing that have been underwater. Dad is hoping to dig the stumps out before the water rises.

Susie will be here until Tuesday. She helped us put together a quilt kit tonight. She works in a sewing store and feels right at home with fabric.

Have a good week. Hope you have recovered from your Thanksgiving Holiday.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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