Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quilt time!

Last year I made my mother this black and white, music-themed quilt using the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I had so much fun collecting the 22 different fabrics! Now I am collecting fabrics that are tool-themed. My Dad and my three brothers all own/work for Southern Maryland Homes here in the county. Here are the fabrics I have so far:
This is my favorite:
I'm not sure if this measuring tape fabric is sewing-themed or tool-themed, but I was able to buy a bolt of 20 yards for $1/yard. If nothing else, it will make a great backing!
The fabric that I would really like is this Screws and Nails fabric. I saw it on eBay for an exorbitant price and it was only a fat quarter size. I need at least a yard. With the arrival of our first Alberta Clipper this week, I am drawn to the sewing room. My sewing room is a former cellar in our basement, so it is quite chilly in there (which is delightful in the summer!). So I need to do some ironing first to warm the place up.

Today is recital day for Ruthie and Lizzie. The entire recital is ensemble music. Ruthie is going to play with three other children in a two piano/four hands piece (this picture is of them practicing in my Mom's studio): Lizzie and I are playing a duet on one piano. My Mom and her brother, Uncle Ron, are closing out the evening recital with a piano/violin duet that is 13 minutes long. Mom says she and Uncle Ron are really feeling their ages (slightly less than 70). But they don't sound it!

Have a great weekend. The leaves are blowing off the trees quickly. I'm off to hunt for a corned ham to make the traditional Southern Maryland stuffed ham for Thanksgiving.

Many blessing ~ Kathie


Susan said...

I'll look around here and see if I can find the screw and nail fabric. What's your limit on an acceptable price?

Kathie said...

Thanks, Susan! I've been paying $8.25/yard + s/h for my specialty fabrics, so I guess I'd put a limit at $10/yard. I sure do appreciate it. Have you been sewing lately? I read your blog ~ you're doing a wonderful job!