Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Since the cat IS away...!

This is my pastor, Ralph Nevin. Since many of the people who read my blog are from my church, I thought I'd have fun and do a post about my pastor, BGH (before grey hair). All the pictures below are from my yearbooks at Arlington Baptist High School (years 1974-1978).

This the earliest picture that would come out on my scanner. This is 1975. Looks like a young Brian Nevin!

This is his 1977 faculty picture:
This is Pastor in 1977 trying to look cool with a mustache:

And one last picture from 1977 showing Pastor giving Jay Potter a haircut. Jay probably couldn't afford a haircut. It's a small world ~ Jay now lives on the same street as my roomie from BJU!
From 1978 yearbook:

And this is 1978. You can see Pastor's method of teaching hasn't changed much!
My final picture from 1978. One can only imagine why Pastor is standing on his head:
I remember Pastor as an extremely conservative "Bob Jonesie" who was probably the most well-liked teacher at our school. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I was surprised that I couldn't find any yearbook pictures of Debie since I remember her being at school a lot with their babies.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Susan said...

How funny, I just talked to Jay a couple of weeks ago. I had a client with a question about the closest EMS station to her house and I knew he would know since he works for Greenville EMS.

So far no success with the fabric hunt. Still have a couple of places I can check though.