Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This past weekend we went to Virginia to visit with my parents at their weekend home. It is a beautiful waterfront home; actually it is a waterback home since the pier starts at their back door! The children had fun swimming, jet skiing, and fishing in the warm weather. Why the picture of the crab? Well, we ate a bushel of crabs! Only $65/bushel which is an unbelievably low price for these parts. Thanks, Dad. It was so much fun.

Our weather today is delicious. Warm with a breeze. The nights are still cool.

For the past 46 years I have been trying to learn patience. It is not a natural part of my temperament. If something needs doing, I like to get it! So today I am going to study and see what the Bible says about patience. I will let you know what I find out. I will probably read Job, too.

Why the emphasis on patience? Well, the icemaker isn't working, the lawn mower shredded its belt when I mowed over a piece of twine, a pipe in the cellar is leaking, a piece of soffitt on the house came off so the bats have access to our attic, the porch railing broke, and lots of little things need fixing. It isn't any one little thing that bothers me, it's the whole lot! It's awful how I spent the whole weekend on vacation reflecting on the unfortunate in this world and then I come home to these minute inconveniences and immediately count myself among the less fortunate. Oh for the patience of Job!

Today is the day my children help their Grandaddy fix dinner for the church folks, so they will be off soon. I hope to stay home since I am still in recovery mode from vacation. Most of the 12 loads of laundry are still pegged on the clothesline. But if I am needed, I will go.

Have a wonderful day and be sure to study God's Word.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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deb said...

Hi! I've tried to comment several times on various posts... sometimes Blogger lets me but most times I get a "page cannot be found" in the comment section.

I "think" I finally was able to comment on the previous post asking where in VA you were headed. But evidently that comment didn't make it either as I don't see it on your blog. Oh well.

There are a couple other blogs that this same thing happens with. I have no idea why! LOL!

Glad you had an enjoyable trip.

(I am now pushing POST and we'll see what happens!)