Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Allen and Lizzie!

Hard to believe it's been eleven years! Twins are so much fun to watch. Allen and Lizzie are especially close. Many times we will be driving somewhere and I will peek in the rear view mirror and see them snuggling or holding hands. Every night before lights out, they always wrap up their day by talking a few minutes. It's their special time.

Tomorrow we are going to VA to visit with my parents at their weekend home. The children are very excited. I think they expect to fish from dawn til dusk. Anna and Maggie enjoy the kayaking. I just enjoy the whole trip.

Mike has been in CA for the week and he will come home on Friday, then drive to VA to be with us. This has been a hard business trip for Mike. Lots of work, early mornings and flying. He normally enjoys flying, but this week it's been hard on his stomach.

Maggie had flight class tonight. She is wrapping up the final lessons before her solo flight.

Lizzie got a BB gun for her birthday. She really likes it. I bought Allen a DVD on knife throwing since he's always been interested in learning how. So I bought him a DVD called Knife Throwing for Fun featuring Michael Pearl, the famous author of To Train Up A Child. Michael Pearl's website contains lots of wonderful reading. Mike and I highly endorse the To Train Up A Child book by Michael and Debi Pearl. I also ordered Allen the throwing knives that are recommended but they haven't arrived yet.

Well, today was warm and humid, but fortunately not humid enough for the air conditioner. I really enjoy having a covered wraparound porch on all four sides of my house because it keeps the sun out but the breezes in.

Tonight was AWANA awards night at church. Anna, Allen and Lizzie won top awards for Bible memorization. I am so proud of them. They sure worked hard this year.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Carol said...

Hey it was wonderful going through your post...thanks for sharing all these with us...i'll surely be dropping by again to read more of your wonderful thoughts...and your trip surely sound like a lot of fun...have a great time!!

deb said...

Happy Birthday, Allen and Lizzie!

Oooh..anyplace in VA close to the Valley? Have a fun time away.