Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I am showing you this picture of a weather doppler to show how closely we missed a major storm here in Southern Maryland. We are just south of the L in Lusby. Didn't get a drop but sure heard the thunder and saw the dark skies! I enjoy following this doppler on It is more accurate than any weatherman's predictions!

Tonight we stirfried asparagus and bokchoy with onions and garlic, and it was so delicious! My daughter, Maggie, now has her own cooking blog! So many people have been asking for Maggie's vegan recipes, so Sarah set her up with a blog. Her address is Sarah says to give Maggie a day or two to post her recipes. The picture above shows the setup Maggie made (in the pantry) to hang her latest cheese experiment. She's trying to come up with an "aged" cheese taste. I'm sure it will be a winner!

Ever since our family has found out that we tested "off the chart" for dust mites, we've been making some drastic changes in the way we live. First we got rid of everything in our bedrooms except a bed, a box of kleenex and a trashcan. Then we bought the expensive allergyfree sheets and zipped our mattresses into them. Then we started allergy shots which should kick in our own immune systems to cure our allergies (90% success rate!). We also started vacuuming our rooms every 3 days (we have no carpets upstairs) and dusting like fanatics.

Now I am starting to work on the other parts of the house. Today I got a free futon from I picked it up this morning and stopped by Walmart for their allergyfree mattress cover. I'll zip the futon mattress into this. Now I have to find a large zipper (preferably 60" or wider) and make a fabric cover for it that can be washed weekly. I bought some $1/yard fabric at Walmart that is 60" wide and looks nice. I think I'll go to our local amish store for the zipper. If not, I know the amish store in Charlotte Hall has one. While I'm there I'm going to stop at the thrift shop and drop off our upholstered sofa set, complete with a million colonies of dust mites! Too bad the sofas are still in good shape.

Did you know that dust mite allergy is the leading cause of allergies and asthma?

Today I started on the mowing and weeding until I was afraid to be out in the pending storm. The children and I stayed home from church because of headcolds. Mike has a deacon's meeting, so he'll be home late. Can't believe it's almost Thursday already!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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