Sunday, January 5, 2014

 My niece Lindsay posted this picture on facebook.  L to R is my niece's boyfriend, Lindsay, Donna (Mike's sister) and Grandma L.  They went on an indoor sky-diving trip.  Grandma, who is 84, says she wouldn't do it again.  *smile*  At least it's marked off her bucket list.

 We're back into soccer season.  (Lizzie is above and Allen is below in the blue shorts.)  Their games are all Friday nights.  Ruthie's games are on Saturday afternoons, and the adult league (Mike, Maggie, Anna and Lizzie) are on Tuesday nights...late...around 10 pm.  Even though the twins are 17 years old, Allen isn't allowed to play on the adult league until he's 18.  Girls can be 17.  I'm not so sure that's a good idea...I really get the shivers when little Lizzie goes up against big guys. 
 Sarah babysat a little boy and they made ornaments.  They gave me the cowboy boot ornament since I love all things western.
 Ruthie has been busy this year making crafts of all kinds.  She made these ornaments for me.  I really like the ornaments with the music hodgepodged onto thrift shop ornaments.  She got the music from an old hymnal that was ruined and being thrown away.
 My doctor told me I had to lower my cholesterol this year.  I was pretty surprised since my cholesterol is 144.  I had always been told to keep it lower than "my age + 100."  Well, they've changed that formula.  So I've been adding pumpkin seeds to my diet.  Maggie added tamari to a bag of seeds and they are very tasty! 
 On Friday morning we woke up to our first significant snow of the season.  I know my friend Joan up in Wyoming is going to call this a dusting...but around here, this is significant! 

Ruthie and I stayed home from church since she has a head cold...her first in a long time.  I took the tree down...which everyone says is only right since I couldn't help put the tree up (with my broken arms). 

I went to the orthopedic doctor for my final xray and appointment...and I'm done!  No more brace, no more break.  PTL

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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